For day 31 of your Community Bible Experience, you'll read pages 351-358 from 1 Peter.
Dear <<First name>>,

The letters of Peter and Jude addressed a church in transition. Communities of Jesus followers were starting draw attention — and, in some cases, opposition. They were also facing internal conflict over controversial teachings and practices that were at odds with the original message about Jesus.

Peter’s first letter contained some eyebrow-raising advice on how to respond to imperial persecution: by honoring the emperor. Basically, Peter wanted readers to live such good lives in the face of hardship that their oppressors would see God at work. 

Today we'll read pages 351-358 from 1 Peter.  
Read until the end of 1 Peter. 

Enjoy the journey,

The Community Bible Experience team

P.S. As you read 1 Peter, reflect on this question: What can I do does to overcome evil with good in the world around me? 

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