Missionary News From Henry & Janet Marsh
Spring 2012

Having coffee recently, I was reminded of alticorpus mentale and melanochromis auratus. No, these are not exotic coffee varieties. They are the scientific names for two of the hundreds of species of African cichlid fish found in Lake Malawi in Southeastern Africa. They are also images on a couple of coffee mugs I picked up at Dedza pottery in Malawi on an excursion with missionary Bill Johnston.
African cichlids are some of the world’s most colorful freshwater fish and I’ve loved them since I was a teenager. Native to the rift lakes of Africa, they are also popular with home aquarium enthusiasts around the world. For several of my college years, I sold them when I worked at the House of Pets in Tallahassee, Florida. Ahh, great memories!
But in Malawi, cichlids are admired for more than their beautiful colors. They are also prized as a delicious food source. Generically referred to as “chambo”, the fish are served fresh, dried, smoked and in other preparations. I enjoyed the tasty fried cousins of tilapia on several occasions in Lilongwe.

melanachromis auratus
Melanochromis Auratus, one of hundreds of African cichlid varieties native to Lake Malawi
Interesting perhaps, but what in the world does melanochromis auratus have to do with missions? Well, as I sipped my coffee and gazed at the fish image on the cup, I was reminded of Matthew 4:18-20. In that story, Jesus watched Peter and Andrew fishing in the Sea of Galilee. But after observing them, he issued a life-changing invitation to focus their efforts on “bigger fish”. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.
The brothers took Jesus up on his offer and so have many others over the centuries. Me. You. And some friends in Malawi. In fact, as you read this, a modern fishing miracle is taking place there. Test broadcasting will soon begin for Malawi’s newest television station, CAN TV, a channel poised to bring Biblically based inspiration, information, education and wholesome entertainment to a million+ people in Lilongwe!
As the first independent, non-government television station in Malawi’s capital city, the potential impact and influence for good is simply HUGE. Imagine if Washington D.C. were only served by a single PBS station and Christians were given the opportunity to present the only other perspective and voice to key leaders, educators, business people and the general population via television! What would that be worth? And what kind of fish might be caught?
I had the privilege of spending a month in Malawi in 2010 when initial plans were being made to launch the station. Many of those who’ll be producing programs and operating station facilities participated in the video training seminar I conducted there. What a blessing to know that some of the media “tackle” we taught them to use will touch a nation!

  Almost 25 students participated in Malawi's first Video Production seminar
Since that visit, I’ve continued to work with a group advising the national church on technical, production and programming plans. Our goal is to see the station launch with a regular broadcast schedule this October. God has provided the equipment needed to transmit the test signal, but much more is needed for the station to be ready to go “on the air”. This includes television cameras, renovated space for a live production studio, a store of locally produced programs to meet the government’s requirement of 60% indigenous production and more.
But God is at work! We’re excited that recently, media missionary colleagues Jon and Bonnie Cooper made the decision to move to Malawi to assist in the station’s efforts and other media projects for Africa. Pray with us that they will receive the support needed to leave as soon as possible.
Will you help? Here are some ways to make a difference.
Pray. God opened the door to start this station after years of prayer. And prayer is key not only to its launch, but to the impact it can have on the people of Lilongwe and beyond. Pray for wisdom and creativity in planning programs. Pray for partners who will invest finances and time in the station’s mission. Pray that viewers will be helped, blessed and changed by what they see. And pray most of all that Jesus will be made famous in Malawi!
Volunteer. We’re looking for several television engineers and technical experts who will volunteer to help in the early stages of the station’s launch. We’re also putting together media training teams of skilled video production personnel to help on future trips to expand the capabilities of the local Malawian staff. If you have expertise in these areas, please pray about working with us and then do it!
Assist with a special offering.  $40,000 is needed by August 1st to purchase cameras, audio gear, lighting instruments and more that will have to be shipped into the country. Malawi’s average daily wage is only around $1.50. Meeting the large start-up expenses for a TV station is daunting, but you can be part of this miracle! God can work through your generosity and partnership to impact Malawi!
Around the world as God is opening doors to use media in missions, we are following the invitation of Jesus. We’re fishing for men, women, and children of every race and nation for the kingdom of God! Thank you for praying, giving and participating as together we multiply missions through media!


Liberia Voice of Hope
Radio Update

Plans are moving forward to launch the Voice of Hope radio station in Monrovia, Liberia. Ron Martens, an engineer for the K-Love network, traveled to Monrovia earlier this year to develop engineering plans for the facilities. Henry will work with a team headed to Liberia in June to construct the studios. While there, he'll conduct a training seminar for future program producers. He'll also return in November with Marten's engineering team to help with equipment installation and hands-on training activities.


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Janet's accounting skills assist Network 211, an Internet evangelism ministry and Project Rescue, an outreach to people impacted by sexual slavery. 

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