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Spring 2011

Last summer, I spent the month of July in Malawi in Southern Africa. My purpose was to provide training for the future program producers and workers at a new television station planned for Lilongwe, the capital city.  International Christian Assembly
more than 20 people participated in a 2  week video production seminaralready operates a successful Christian FM radio station there. ICA had applied for a television license in response to an open invitation to interested parties from the government broadcasting authority. As
months passed, they and other applicants waited for licenses to be granted.
After nearly a year without word on the applications, I recently received this information from one of ICA’s leaders: “Our country is currently polarized politically.

We were ably informed that the Regulatory Authority gave a "Pass" on our application and the files were passed to the Office of the President, here in Lilongwe. In January this year two officers came to our offices and asked for another submission that was going to the Cabinet. In this submission they asked for Resumes for all board members; their political affiliations and who are our donors in the activities we do. They are still "investigating" us. 2014 is a year for General Elections and some people are a bit scared that TV may fall in wrong hands that would use it as a propaganda tool against incumbent government.”

the media team in actionICA’s goals for television are not political, but they certainly do intend to influence Malawi. They want to be a voice and face of hope, love, and integrity in Lilongwe. They intend to proclaim the Gospel, promote Christian pro-social development efforts, offer positive educational programming to children, and provide wholesome entertainment options for families. In short, they desire to communicate Good News to their nation.
For this to happen, they need a breakthrough and favorable response to their application from the President’s Cabinet. Psalm 47:8 says “God reigns over the nations…” and in Proverbs 8:15 God declares “By me kings reign and rulers issue decrees that are just…” God is able to turn the hearts of those in authority.
He is also able to give our brothers in Malawi wisdom and grace as they move forward.  According to Proverbs 25:15, “Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can break a bone.” And Jesus instructed his disciples to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves…”
Please pray with us for Malawi and the national church efforts to use media to impact their nation.
Pray for:                    Henry hanging with the "crew" at the Presidential memorial

  • Favor from those in authority and a positive response to the TV channel application
  • Wisdom, insight and patience for the ministry leadership in dealing with the government
  • Peace and political stability in Malawi
  • Continued blessing on the national church that will impact the country for God’s glory
Thank you for joining with us in prayer!

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Henry and Janet Marsh are veteran missionaries with unique ministries. Henry is an electronic media specialist. Through training, production and consultation projects around the world, he works in efforts to leverage media technology in fulfilling the Great Commission. Janet's accounting skills assist Network 211, an Internet evangelism ministry and Project Rescue, an outreach to people impacted by sexual slavery.  Together, they are multiplying missions!
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