March 2014

Hi there

We're 3 Years old this month, so we're celebrating with our top subscribers, looking back at some highlights, introducing new staff members and giving a sneak preview of our impending on!

Happy Birthday To Us - We're 3!

Being 3 can be a lot of fun - but it's also hard work, with lots of milestones to achieve.  For us, we're proud of some of our highlights over the years:

  • Launching Spotlight Reporting in March 2011
  • Winning the Global Emerging Add-On Award in 2012
  • Launching Dashboard and Forecasting in 2012
  • Having Workpapers acquired by Xero in 2012
  • Launching Multi in 2013, and being nominated as Add-On of the Year 2014
  • Hitting KPI's such as 5,000 reports produced per month
  • Hiring staff and signing up customers all around the world
For more about our journey - and where we're heading next, read Richard's blogpost.

Loving Our Golds

In coming weeks we are sharing Gold Partner status with our 10 biggest, longest-serving, deepest-using subscribing partners.  Gold status means that we provide masterclass training and priority web-listing (amongst other initiatives) - but it also is recognition that the Gold firms not only understand and deploy cloud solutions, but they provide exceptional value-added reporting via Spotlight.  And that's competitive advantage in a nutshell.

If you would like to learn more about our Gold Partnership programme and how you could get involved, please contact
 Hayley or Nik.

March Release Pending

Our next software update is coming in just 2 weeks.  Some of the goodness coming includes:

  • A new Preview Dashboard for users and for read-only visitors
  • Consolidation of up to 20 orgs in Spotlight Reporting 
  • Much more flexibility and customisation options for P&L Analysis
  • EBIT, EBITDA mode

Meet Hayley!

Hayley Wilson is our NZ Growth Manager based in Auckland.  Hayley will be working closely with subscribers, triallists and all who want to get involved in performance reporting with Spotlight.  Hayley can be contacted here - and also wants some more LinkedIn friends please. :)

Webinars for Africa

We have some juicy, free webinars to get you licking your lips in coming weeks:

  • Using Reporting & Dashboard 18 March - UK 9am, WA 5pm
  • Using Reporting & Dashboard 25 March - AEST 10am, NZ 12 noon
  • Spotlight Multi 25 March - WA 5pm, UK 9am
  • Consolidation, Tracking and Report Customisation 8 April - AEST 10am, NZ 12 noon
To enrol, please go to our Training page or email Nik.

Also, we have a range of training videos at our
Vimeo Channel or we can organise tailored training for you.
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