September Sunday Message Series

The more we develop the advances and advantages of modern life, the less satisfied we seem to become. With the many advantages of modern life, why do so many of us in our modern world struggle to discover a true sense of purpose? We need proven and timeless practices and wisdom to give us something beyond ourselves. Jesus defines this as discipleship.

Discipleship is the pathway to pursuing an everyday spirituality. It doesn’t require decades of study or an advanced degree. Discipleship is spirituality for everyone who wants to walk its pathways.

We don’t need quicker or easier. We need to know how to have a way of life that will bring us a deeper sense of purpose and connection to our lives. Those who have gone before us knew the path to be followed, a way that anchored us in meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging. Join us throughout September to see how we can live out an everyday spirituality together.

Listen to the Message from Sunday, September 4

Series Resources

Sunday’s message that introduced this series covered a lot of ground, so we want to make sure that you have all of the resources that were mentioned.

We also provided a handout with notes outlining the core practices, or rhythms, we need to engage with as followers of Jesus, and practical ways to apply them. Included in the handout is a self-reflection exercise to evaluate how you are doing on these core practices. You can download the handout here, or by clicking the image below.