Beginning This Weekend, What the
Newest Guidelines Look Like at RVCC

Thank you for your patience as our leadership had discussions this week and have come to some important conclusions regarding the federal, state and local guidelines regarding Covid-19, masking, distancing and resuming activities. We looked at many perspectives and used the latest research and data to inform our conclusions. I’m proud of our process and our staff for their work and conversations.  The following new RVCC guidelines will be in effect beginning this Sunday, May 23.  I hope to see you at one of our physical locations! 

- Rusty
Masks & Distancing 
Masks and distancing are optional for fully vaccinated people in worship services, community groups, meetings, events, classes, rehearsals, and other gatherings. For those unable or choosing not to receive a vaccine, masks and distancing are recommended. For those unable to wear a mask, distancing is encouraged. Wearing a mask and physically distancing is a way of honoring and protecting others, and we are counting on the personal integrity and honest character of our church family to abide by this guidance.

Students & Kids Ministries
Masks and distancing are still encouraged for Student and Kid's Ministry locations and programming, for participants and leaders alike. However, we respect the physical and mental health decisions of each family for themselves and their children, and we ask you to do that as well.  

The Most Vulnerable 
The most vulnerable population in our society is shifting from those who are at risk from Covid-related health issues to those who are at risk from mental, spiritual and relational health issues. Put another way, we worked hard to protect those over 60 for the first ten months of the pandemic. And rightly so. Now, the data and evidence support the fact that those under 18 are the most vulnerable population for reasons primarily related to mental and long-term emotional health reasons. We need to prioritize our children and young people by allowing them to participate in ministry activities without fear of judgement or shame.  

Every Family Must Decide
Parents and families will make different decisions and there will be multiple reasonable approaches. Keeping kids and students away from indoor social situations will be a sound, science-based decision for some parents who will take a more cautious approach toward Covid-related health concerns. Other parents will also be just as grounded in solid data by allowing children to participate in more normal activities with their friends, teammates, teachers, schools and extended family. There is no risk-free option.  

Respecting The Decisions of Others
RVCC is a judgement-free zone, without any hint of shaming, questioning of rationale or assumptions of motives. We have people in the RVCC family that will be in all places on the spectrum regarding the reopening, the propensity to wear masks, and the desire or ability to receive a vaccine. Inquiring whether someone has received a vaccine or not is not appropriate, as that is a personal medical decision.

Everyone Is Welcome!
We’re going to continue to trust you to assume positive intent and make decisions to put others first in our church family. We will continue to be a place where everyone is welcome, and no judgement will be made regarding another person’s choices.
If you have not yet returned to our in-person services,
we look forward to welcoming you when you're ready.
RVCC Parkland - 10:00am
RVCC Graham - 9:00 & 10:30am

Of course you are always welcome to join us online at 10:30am each Sunday at or to watch the services at or on our YouTube channel.

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