As a church we want to be a place where young people feel loved, can meet Jesus, and become the next generation of leaders. Please pray with us for our kids, students, leaders, and families! 

Time With Friends
Especially Important After the Past Year!
We began Mondays with Moms at RVCC Graham early in 2019 with the vision to create a space where moms could enjoy being together while their littles get their wiggles out. It worked, and now we have moms, grandmas, friends, and aunts that come together each week! This gathering space has been especially vital for both adults and kids after so much isolation in the past year.
“When I come to Mondays With Moms I feel calm, happy, and like I'm connected. I come because it's a wonderful time with friends for myself and my kids.” - Brianna

“When I come to Mondays Moms I feel welcomed and wanted. I come to Mondays with Moms because I want to connect with other moms and give my children a safe place to play with new friends.” - Carla

“When I come to Mondays with Moms I feel refreshed and relieved. My kids love to go and hang out with other kids, and I love laughing and making new friends with the moms.” - Katrina

“When I come to Mondays with Moms I feel like I am with a group of friends chatting about life. It gives my little one a chance to play with other kids while I get a mini rest break.” - Gina

Mondays with Moms is wrapping up soon for the Summer, but we'll be back in the fall and would love to have you join us!


Celebrating our 2021 Graduates!

We want to celebrate the hard work and effort that went into a tough school year. If you (or someone you know) attends RVCC and graduated from High School, College, or Grad School please use this form to let us know so they can be recognized in an upcoming service. We are so proud of all the members of the class of 2021!
"You Belong Here!"
Last month we told you a little bit more about our dream to be a church that is growing young. Growing young means we want the next generation to know that they belong here, we want them to know that God loves them, and we want them to learn how to use their gifts and talents to serve God.

This fun new space at RVCC Parkland is the result of a generous donation after somebody heard about our dream for kids to walk into the building and know this is their place. What better way to tell a child, "You belong" than to see a space just for them as soon as they walk through the doors. Please pray with us for the future community, family, and church leaders that will enjoy this new play area. 
Nursery Only on Memorial Day Weekend
On Sunday, May 30, we will not have full Kids Ministry programming. RVCC Parkland and RVCC Graham will offer nursery for birth to 36 months, and older children are encouraged to go to service with their parents.

Saturday, June 26
begins at RVCC Parkland and ends at RVCC Graham
This travelling scavenger hunt will begin at RVCC Parkland and end at RVCC Graham. Each team will compete to see who can complete the most challenges within two hours, and the teams that earn the most points will win great prizes. 

Gather your team and register at

June 28-July 2 at RVCC Graham
August 2-6 at RVCC Parkland
We’re turning up the volume at Very Best Summer VBS to remind each kid that they can have confidence because of Jesus. Kids 3 years through 5th grade will enjoy a time packed with friends, worship, Bible lessons, and fun crafts! 
Make a Difference!
How can you support/pray for the kids at VBS? You can volunteer in multiple capacities either with prep leading up to VBS or during the week of VBS. You can also be praying diligently for VBS- pray for the volunteers, the kids and their families leading up to and during the week of VBS.

Volunteer at Graham VBS   |   Volunteer at Parkland VBS

Volunteer Info Meeting at RVC Graham
If you're curious about helping with VBS at RVCC Graham, there will be a short info meeting this Sunday after the 10:30am service.

July 19-23
6:00-9:00pm at RVCC Graham
Charge Week is a "staycamp" for all 6-12 grade students (and their friends!) During this week we will we look at how to bring God glory in every season of life, including how to handle the 2021/2022 school year. The evening sessions are going to be amazing, but If you want to have even more fun, during the day on Monday we're going to Defy Tacoma, and on Tuesday we'll meet up at Tower Lanes.  

Friday, August 13
7:00pm at RVCC Graham
This event is for families and people of all ages! We will open the parking lot at 7:00pm for desserts and yard games, and the movie will begin at sundown. We'll provide an ice cream sundae bar, popcorn, and water, but movie goers will need to bring their own chairs, blankets, and anything else you need. Save the date and watch for more details as we get closer to August.

To the Sekscinski Family

Meet Mandy and Jayden, along with their boys; Bryce, Braidan, and Brodie!
The Sekscinski family began attending RVCC Graham in January 2020, shortly before we went completely online in March, then they came back as soon as we started to re-gather. Jayden and Mandy saw a need in kids ministry and decided to start volunteering! We love this! There's not much that makes us happier than when people see a need and step in to meet it!

If you've ever looked around the church and recognized a need, maybe that's an area where you could make a difference! At RVCC, we want each volunteer to feel confident and secure in their role so we will help you find a good fit, then we'll do our best to equip you. For instance, the Sekscinski’s observed for a couple of Sunday’s before they jumped in to being small group leaders for our 9:00am elementary kids.
Thank you Sekscinskis for your willingess to make a difference!

If you are interested in volunteering in our Kids or Student Ministry , we would love to talk to you! You can email or you can contact the specific pastor who oversees the areas in which you are interested. 
RVCC Kids Graham - Cassandra Moreno,
RVCC Students Graham - Erika Anderson -

RVCC Kids Parkland - Kenny Redford,
RVCC Students Parkland - Corey Wilson,
Most parents are doing better than they realize. At least we think so. Parents, grandparents, and guardians often don’t give themselves enough credit for the remarkable job they are doing in raising kids to become good humans. At RVCC we believe that families matter, and we want to be intentional about supporting and encouraging parents and kids. We believe it’s worth it to invest into the lives of the next generation by resourcing parents and kids with tools to help faith take root.
Our goal is not to do the faith development just on Sundays. Instead, we want to use what happens on Sundays to be a starting point for parents to discuss faith at home during the week. To that end, Parent Cue is a tool that we share with our families to cue them with what they need when they need it, so they can be the parents they want to be.
There are four daily rhythms that happen in most families lives from day to day: morning time, drive time, meal time and bed time. Parent Cue provides resources and ideas for implementing the weekly theme/memory verse/questions/etc. throughout each day. Please join us in looking for ways to support our families. (Hint! These resources can be used by anyone; aunts, uncles, moms, dads, grandparents, guardians, etc.)
Parent Cue Resources

Parent Cue handouts are available each week at RVCC Parkland and RVCC Graham. You can also download each week's Parent Cue at

As we get close to the end of this school year, parents might want to check out the article, “The Importance of Ending the School Year Well.”
You can also go to to find podcast episodes, articles, and more for encouragement since we all know parenthood isn’t easy!

The weekly time that our awesome staff and volunteers have with kids, birth through high school, is where young lives are really impacted. 


RVCC Graham - 9:00 & 10:30am
  • Nursery (birth -36 months) and programming for preschool (3's-5's) through 5th grade is available at 9:00 & 10:30am.
RVCC Parkland - 10:00am
  • Nursery (birth -36 months) and programming for preschool (3's-5's) through 5th grade is available at 10:00am. 
RVCC Online
  • If your family is not ready to join us in person, visit Base Camp Online for videos and lessons that your family can do together with your pre-school and elementary children.


RVCC Graham Students
  • Graham middle school and high school students gather for Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) each Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm.
RVCC Parkland Students
  • Middle school students meet each Sunday at 10:00am.
  • High school students gather on Sundays at 6:00pm at RVCC Parkland.
  • All Parkland students meet in D-Groups throughout the week.
Make a Difference and Impact Young Lives
In every one of the above areas there is always a need for more people who love kids and and students and would love to invest in them. If that's you, feel free to email and we'll get you connected!

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