Highlighting THREE Incredible Volunteers

Occasionally we highlight the volunteers who make a difference at RVCC to share the huge variety of ways there are to serve. This time we’re doing something a bit different. We’re highlighting three volunteers who have all served in very different ways through many years, but who recently worked together to lead the search process that led to the hire of Joe Phenisee, our Parkland Campus Pastor. We’re grateful for these three people who have served so faithfully we knew we could entrust them with that process, and they rocked it!

We asked all three why they serve, and here’s what they had to say:

“ Just recently, I realized how many people I know at church and how happy I am when I'm greeting or hosting the Welcome Center. I love to walk around and say hello to people and learn about their lives. Meeting new people and telling them about our church and why I think it's an amazing place to worship brings me so much joy. Jesus has blessed us with a home church that means so much to Chris and I.” - Wendy

“I’m called to serve and use the gifts that God gave me. I really enjoy working with the children.” - Al

“There are so many benefits to serving God’s church, but I think they fall into two main categories. First, what a gift to be invited to partner with God in His work! I get a front row seat to His Heart and His work in people’s lives, which grows my own relationship with and awe of Him. I am always blessed, fed, and encouraged when I serve others. Second, I have gotten to meet and be in relationship with so many wonderful, amazing people, who have been a huge encouragement in my life and have helped me grow and become a better, healthier, and more joyful person.” - Elizabeth

Thank You Wendy, Al, and Elizabeth
for Choosing to Make a Difference!

Finding a place to serve makes a difference not only for those who are being served, but in those sharing their time and their talents. Al, Wendy, and Elizabeth have opted to share the talents that God has given them to make difference at RVCC. Finding a place to serve is exactly what we hope to see with every person who walk through our doors. Church isn’t just about an experience each Sunday, but about finding your place in the family. If you’re ready to find your place to make a difference, hit reply and let’s talk!