Who do you talk to you when you need prayer?
Who do you celebrate with when great things happen?

Small groups within the church are a great place to find community. Finding a group for this next season of life is a great way to learn, make friends, and grow. We want that for you! Lots of you let us know last week that you are interested in getting connected with an RVCC Group. Thank you! If they haven’t already, those group leaders will be in touch soon.

Groups Start Next Week!

Most of the fall groups start next week and we want to make sure there’s time to get you connected with the group leaders. If you are interested, but you haven’t let us know that you’d like to join a group, please let us know ASAP.

Simply click the button below to see the groups that are starting soon. There are Community Groups, Bible Studies, Support Groups, and groups for people who enjoy doing the same things. You are invited to pick a group and jump in for ten weeks (unless otherwise noted). At the end of that time, you can choose to stay with that group or give another group a try in January. Joining a group is not a lifetime commitment, so dive in and give it a try. We think you’ll love it!

Are you ready to find your group?

If so, click the button below. That will take you to where you can decide which group is the right fit for you.