YES, Serve Sunday is a family event!

“I’m not sure how much our little ones can do, or how helpful I'll be while watching over them, but I still want to attend and encourage my kids to grow and have a heart that wants to serve!”

The above comment was on a 2019 Serve Sunday registration and we still remember the joy of reading those words from a mom who understood the goal of Serve Sunday. Yes, we want to make the school campuses look great, but this event is also about serving together as a church, and the church includes the kids. What better way for kids to learn how to live out their faith than to serve alongside the adults, all while having fun and making a difference.

Every year, there are families who serve together. We asked a couple of them why they make it a priority to serve together at Serve Sunday, and here’s what they had to say…

I think it’s valuable that families serve together because we are setting an example for our children to see and understand how much of an impact it makes for us to not be selfish and to help others. If our children aren’t there to be a part of it , we aren’t making the difference we should be for generations to come! I would tell other families how special of a bonding moment you could have with your family to show them the caring side that we all should show more often, also about how much fellowship you experience at these events!

- David Kingtalik

I'm always looking for ways to include my kids in the life of the church. There is no "junior level" in the life of a believer, so I think it's important for them to be invested and learning to help others as soon they are able. Serve Sunday is a highlight for my kids—they start asking when it will be as soon summer rolls around! There's always some way to help out, even if it's just walking around and cheering for others!

- Ruth Neff

Finally, let’s hear from one of the kids. Annie, age 10, has been at Serve Sunday with her family each year. We asked her to share why she looks forward to this annual event and here’s what she had to say…

Serve Sunday is honestly probably the day I look forward to the most out of the entire month. I love to think of ways to turn cleaning into a game. And think of strategies to help me and my friends get the area we're working on cleaned up faster. After we've all finished cleaning, me and my brother usually play hide and seek. Or, if my brother is busy, I'll talk with my friends. Serve Sunday is something I believe teaches people teamwork. Because alone, it'll take you ages to clean up the entire school, but with a team you'll be able to clean up much faster. Oh! And how could I forget, sometimes, there's even donuts! And if I'm lucky, my parents will let me have one! Serve Sunday is also something that helps the school out. Instead of having plastic bottles and random paper everywhere, there are clean entrances and walking places. And is why I think families and kids should all join in at Serve Sunday!

This year, more than ever before, we’re planning Serve Sunday with kids in mind. Kids will have the option to work with some of our crew to help complete kid-sized tasks throughout the morning. There will also be a scavenger hunt card that kids can use to have some extra fun while they serve. At the end of the morning we’ll have a treat for all of the kids. If your kids have some of their own tools, they are welcome to bring them. We’ll provide each child who registers a kid-sized pair of gloves.

This Thursday, September 8, is the final day to order t-shirts!