I Suspect a Conspiracy...

RVCC Family,

I think I’ve uncovered a conspiracy I need to let you know about. Somehow, I was “nominated” to end up in the dunk tank if RVCC people log 800 hours of serving this summer. But that’s not the conspiracy; there are six of us up for that honor.

What I discovered is that my wife of 31 years, Anna, is in cahoots with the Chairman of our Elders, Warren Miller, to frontload 16 hours of serving to give all the rest of you a head start (like you need it). They worked at the Compassion Clinic this last Saturday in Sumner, helping people without health insurance to get some basic needs met for dental and medical doctor visits and supplies. Warren saw patients while Anna served in hospitality. I was all for it until I discovered it’s all part of a bigger plot to dunk the pastors, including me. While I DID help set up for the event on Friday evening, do you think I’m logging hours towards my own dunking? Umm…NO!

Anyway, be on the lookout for others who say they’re serving our community, when what they are REALLY doing is trying to get some of our staff all wet. It’s a conspiracy that I’m not falling for, and I hope you won’t either. 

- Rusty

June 25-September 25
Our vision as a church is to see 
every neighborhood in Pierce County
engaged by believers and transformed by Jesus.

Every neighborhood engaged and! The only way that can happen is if we commit to being  present in and serving the tangible needs in our communities! Summer of Serving is one way we hope to help make this happen.
All-Church Goal:
800 Hours of Service!
As a church, we want to reach 800 hours, or more, of serving our communities this summer. That may sound like a lot, but it has the potential to add up pretty quickly. For example, if a family of four went into their neighborhood and picked up trash for an hour, that would count as four service hours because it’s counted per person serving.
Summer of Serving math:
Family of 4 
x 1 Hour of Serving
= 4 Hours of Serving
Serving Neighbors & Dunking Pastors
Our Summer of Serving will culminate with our annual Serve Sunday on September 26. On that Sunday, after we finish our Serve Sunday projects, we hope to gather around a dunk tank to dunk six of our pastors.
Here's how it will work:
  1. We will keep a running tally of how many hours we've served at
  2. When we reach 800 hours, we'll rent a dunk tank for September 26 to dunk six of the RVCC staff.
  3. The people with the most hours served will have the privilege of doing the dunking (or choosing proxy dunkers).
Ideas for Serving
There is a list of ideas for serving at These are ideas for serving in your own neighborhood as well as ideas for serving with some of our community partners. Don't be limited by our list though, get creative! We just want the people of RVCC to make a difference in as many neighborhoods as possible this summer.

Note about Serving at RVCC: Though we'd love for everyone to find a place to serve at RVCC, we want these to be hours in the community, not at the church. The one exception is pulling weeds at RVCC Parkland or RVCC Graham, since the need is HUGE and how our campuses look matters as we welcome guests each week.
Please Take Pictures & Video:
We really want to document and celebrate the Summer of Serving. Please make sure you take pictures and/or video, then email pictures and videos to If your files are too big, email to make other arrangements.

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