We had the wrong date in last week's email. 
Charge week is really... 

JULY 19-23
6:00-9:00pm at RVCC Graham
CHARGE WEEK is a "staycamp" for
Middle School and High School students.
Life can be kind of like a battery. We have moments where we are fully charged, and moments where we are depleted. We live most of our lives in- between those two things.

How do we live best, at whatever level our batteries are?
If needed, how do we heal so we reach a new level of charge?

CHARGE WEEK is all about answering those questions in a fun and engaging community experience. This is about more than having a great summer. We want to see you charged up and ready for the rest of 2021!
Check out the video to learn a bit more...

Monday, July 19
10:00am-2:00pm at Defy Tacoma
$10 for this event

Tuesday, July 20
10:00am-2:00pm at Tower Lanes Tacoma
$10 for this event

$30 for all five evening sessions*
*Separate fees for evening and optional daytime events. Parents and/or students are responsible for transportation to all events.
Email Corey at
or Erika at

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