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GoodGiving Guide Challenge Launch Party will be on November 1st at West Sixth Brewing Company from 3pm - 7pm. West Sixth will donate $2,000 to the three organizations with the most supporters at the Launch Party so we hope you will attend on behalf of Radio Eye!

We will be having an open house at Radio Eye on Thursday November 21st from 5pm - 7pm. Come tour the studio and meet the staff! Refreshments will be provided.

Volunteer orientation is coming up on October 25th at 1pm. To sign up, call Chelsey at 859-422-6390 or email

Radio Reading Service Month

The Governor has declared November Radio Reading Service Month once again! To celebrate, we will be hosting guest readers throughout the month of November. Have someone you would like to hear reading at Radio Eye? Contact Chelsey at or call the staff at 859-422-6390.

Listener Spotlight: Peggy Warford

By: Joel Scott

Peggy Warford is our first listener spotlight for this newsletter.  Peggy is 52 and lives in Lexington where she is from originally.  Peggy did her post-secondary education at Lexington Bible College, where she was part of a travelling singing group and earned a degree in Christian Psychology.
Peggy has been listening to Radio Eye for about two or three months.   She first learned about it from her occupational therapist.  She says she listens for about three or four hours a day.  Her favorite programs to listen to are ones dealing with health, especially women’s health.  She also likes to listen to the Herald-Leader, the Courier Journal, and anything to do with history.
Peggy has advanced diabetic retinopathy.  She lost her vision completely in 2006, but regained some of it after a surgery in 2008.  She has had 18 laser surgeries in all.  She currently has no vision in her left eye, but 20 percent in her right eye.
Peggy spent 29 years working in management positions, mostly in bakeries and delis.  She also ran her own cleaning company for a while.  In addition, she spent six years as an executive for Coca Cola in Hawaii when the Air Force stationed her husband there.  “I just love working with people on all levels,” Peggy says.  “It   doesn’t matter if they’re gripey. You can learn to get around the gripey and know you’re going to be around someone who’s nicer in a few minutes.”  She also loved to sew before losing her vision, “because I did every stitch by hand.”  She also did a little painting, as well as reading to people in hospice and nursing homes.
Peggy has a brother and a sister who also live in Lexington.  Her brother has been a fireman in the city for almost 20 years, and her sister just retired from Macy’s.
And last but certainly not least, she has a mixed Chihuahua and Jack Russell named T-Bone who she says looks like a Chihuahua but acts like a Jack Russell.  “You might as well just say he has become my seeing companion,” Peggy says, despite the dog having never had training as a companion animal.  “I cannot walk outside and go down a curb without him walking in front of me to show me where the curb is.  He stops me when there’s traffic coming.”

Listener Spotlight: Mary Faries

By: Joel Scott

Mary Faries is the in this listener spotlight.  Mary, who turned 91 in August, lives in Lexington with her daughter.  She also has a son who lives nearby.  She moved to Lexington from Columbus, OH, four years ago, five years after being diagnosed with macular degeneration.  She is the primary housekeeper right now as her daughter is recovering from knee reconstruction.  Mary is originally from Rock Hill, SC.
Mary spent her life as a homemaker.  Her husband was a naval construction worker, or Seabee, during World War II.  After that he was in civilian construction, and after that he was involved in mining in Perry County for 15 years.
Mary began listening to Radio Eye last year.  She first learned about it when she got a ride from ITNBluegrass, a company that provides transportation to seniors and adults with impaired vision.  She listens most regularly to Hope and Inspiration on Sunday mornings.
Before losing her vision, Mary loved to read.  She read through the Bible four times, and also liked to read anything to do with history, especially  historical fiction.  When she lived in Columbus, she also liked to volunteer at her church and the senior center.  Travelling was another favorite pastime of hers.  She has been to Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Italy,   Germany, and Ireland.
In addition to her two children in Lexington, Mary has one daughter who works for the Federal Government in Wyoming.  She has also lost a son and a daughter in two separate automobile accidents.  She has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  One of her grandsons lives near Dublin,    Ireland.

Charity Roundup at Texas Roadhouse!

Radio Eye is having a dining out fundraising event at Texas Roadhouse on Richmond Road! Bring in a special flyer when you go in for lunch/dinner on November 4th and Radio Eye will get a percentage of the profits. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors!

You can find the flyer on our website at, on Facebook, and in the studio.

Hope to see you there!
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