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Radio Times Spring 2015  "Your Eye on the Written World"
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Thank You, Steve Lind!
By Lucy Stone

White haired man in gray and white striped shirt reading a book in a recording booth.Since I've been working at Radio Eye, I've seen hundreds of people walk through our studio doors to help out in every capacity. Some are here for only a few hours, or stay a few weeks, and then some have been with us for years. Each one has a story and I've been lucky to know more than my fair share of them.

A few months ago, we received a call from a lady who was looking for volunteer work for her husband. He had recently retired, and had always wanted to be on the radio. We set up a time for him to come in and do his orientation to volunteer.

We're always excited to get new volunteers, but I had no idea that this volunteer would make such an impact on my life.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Steve Lind, you're missing out. Although he has only been with us a short time, he has already done hundreds of hours of volunteering and he sums up what it means to be a Radio Eye volunteer. He comes into the studios three times a week, like clockwork, with a smile on his face and a Diet Peach Snapple bottle in his hand.

Despite having some personal struggles, Steve never fails to make sure that we're taken care of in terms of our broadcast. It's not uncommon for him to come in and do three recorded readings and then turn around and live read because we're in a pinch.

"I've always wanted to be on radio, always. This seemed like a perfect fit," Steve said one day while chatting with Megan. His favorite programs to read include the county papers because he became familiar with the area when working for the government. 

We are so unbelievably thankful that Steve has come into our lives and that we've helped him achieved one of his lifelong dreams. 

Most of our volunteers choose Radio Eye to give time to because they have a connection to our mission and cause, and Steve is no different. "I enjoy knowing that I am helping people. My father is the type of person who would qualify for these services and I feel that when I am reading, I am reading to him."

Steve also has a special listener whenever he reads. His wife, Barbara, always tunes in. "It feels like he's reading just to me," Barbara said at our volunteer appreciation, "I'm so happy we found you guys." We're happy you found us too, Barb. We are so appreciative of everything that Steve has done for us and we hope that he's with us for a very long time!
The IAAIS Came to Lexington!

Three young women wearing dresses smile at the camera.For the first time ever, Radio Eye hosted an international conference of other reading services, right here in Lexington! We are members of the IAAIS (International Association of Audio Information Services), an association of reading services – like Radio Eye – across the US and across the world.
The conference was held May 14-16 at the Hilton Suites at Lexington Green, after almost a year of planning.

At the conference, we visited the American Printing House for the Blind (a first for many conference goers), learned several new fundraising, outreach, and remote reading techniques, and Amy Hatter, our Executive Director, spoke about online giving challenges.
Expansion to #EagleNation
Two men - one in a blue jacket and one in a gray jacket - smile at the camera from Morehead State Public Radio studios.We recently partnered with Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) to expand our radio service to 8 counties in the Northeast part of the state. This continues our trend of growth, following on the heels of expansion into Southeastern and Central Kentucky last year, and Louisville in 2010. It’s estimated that 3,500 people in the area have a visual impairment.

Not only will MSPR be providing us with a subcarrier generator to get our broadcast out to listeners, they have offered to let our volunteers use their studios to record programming. If you’re interested in reading for Radio Eye at the MSPR station, call 859-422-6390 or email
Work on the expansion began in March, and we hope to start sending out radios to new listeners this summer. As part of the expansion, we will add Morehead area newspapers to the broadcast. If you have suggestions for Morehead area programming, please call or email us to let us know!
With our expansion to Morehead, we hope to be able to serve Rowan, Fleming, Lewis, Carter, Elliott, Morgan, Menifee, and Bath counties.
Save the Date – Radio Eye’s 25th Anniversary
Night for Sight logoRadio Eye’s 25th anniversary is coming up in November, and we’re celebrating with a Casino Night! The Night for Sight will be held November 6th at the Round Barn at Red Mile in Lexington – keep in touch for more information and to buy tickets.
We’re currently seeking sponsors for the event. To learn about being a sponsor, go to, call Amy at 859-422-6390, or email 
Changes at Radio Eye
Website: Radio Eye’s website is changing! Our site is hosted by the University of Kentucky, and they are moving to a new system. The new site will be up in June. Our web address and the general layout of the site will stay the same.

Office: Lucy and Megan have combined forces to reorganize our bullpen. We have a lot more space to store radios, now, and we’ve even changed how we store our newspapers and publications. We added a coffee and tea cart, which our volunteers love.

Volunteers – please us know if you have any preferences. We have coffee and tea in a variety of flavors and decaf.

Three young women work in streamlined bullpen.
Some Delta Gamma sisters help with mailing and other administrative tasks in the newly reorganization bullpen.
Kroger Community Rewards®
Kroger Community Rewards logo
Kroger Community Rewards® makes fund-raising for Radio Eye easy…all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!
  • It does not cost you anything.
  • You only register your card once (you must re-register each August).
  • Radio Eye gets 4% of the total sale when you make any purchase using your plus card!
  • If you need assistance registering your card, bring it by our studio office and we will help.
Radio Eye Code: 12103
Changes in Louisville
Louisville Public Media (LPM) will be replacing their transmitter soon. Radio Eye broadcasts on the sub-carrier authorization (SCA) frequency of their WFPL station.

While this is going on, listeners in the area shouldn’t experience any major interruptions in service. If your radio goes down for 10 minutes or longer, please call Radio Eye at 859-422-6390, so we can let LPM know.

Charles Spivey, Chief Technology Officer of LPM, says, “The good news is the new transmitters have SCA injectors built into them, so we should have a much cleaner signal for the reading service.” The previous transmitter used a separate SCA generator to provide the signal in Louisville.
Radio Eye Merchandise
blue bag with white Radio Eye logo and white water bottle with blue cap and black Radio Eye logo
We have new Radio Eye merchandise! In addition to our t-shirts, we now also have grocery bags and water bottles, available for purchase.

Grocery bags are on sale for $5, water bottles for $6, or both for $10.

Our t-shirts are also on sale for $15. We have sizes Small through 4X.

If you’d like to buy any Radio Eye merchandise, please order them online at, and let us know in the memo line which item you’d like and the size, if you’re ordering a t-shirt. Shipping is $5.
New Monthly Giving Program
We’ve recently started a monthly giving program, the Broadcaster’s Society. Radio Eye receives no state or federal support – so support from donors is very important for Kentucky’s blind and print impaired population to be able to access news, health information, grocery sales, and other printed information.
To become a member of the Broadcaster’s Society, go to This will take you to a Paypal page, where you can make your donation. Make sure to let us know your t-shirt size, or if you'd like to opt out of your membership gifts. All donations to Radio Eye are tax deductible.
Community Partners
Lexington Public Library
Library Channel 20
Louisville Public Media
Morehead State Public Radio                                               
WEKU Public Radio
WUKY Public Radio
Gold Supporters
$15,000 to $29,999
Linda Neville Trust
Silver Supporters
$5,000 to $14,999
BLUEgrass Runners
Lexington Lions Club
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
NiSource Charitable Foundation
Bronze Supporters
$2,500 to $4,999
Fon & Mac Rogers, II
$1,000 to $2,499
Carl Family Foundation
Larry Hurt
Lexington Medical Society Foundation, Inc.
Second Presbyterian Church
Kathy Smith
$250 to $999
American Founders Bank
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
William Rogers Beasley
David & Roi-Ann Bettez
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Chameleon John
Jesse Crenshaw, Kentucky Representative
Downtown Lexington
Eugene Gholz
Joe Graviss
Group Six, Inc.
Hurst Office Supplies
LFUCG Neighborhood Development Funds
Barbara McGroarty
Shelly & Dick Meyer
William Offutt, IV, MD
Ohio River Valley Combined Federal Campaign
Pineville Lions Club
Rotary Club of Lexington
Donald & Betty Sands
Merriam Spurgeon
Friends of Radio Eye
$100 to $249
Accessible Home Health Care
Forcht Bank
Bluegrass Hospitality Group
Anne Bolton
Dr. Leslie Branch, MD & Mrs. Barbara Bennett, CRNA
Ron & Susan Byers
Greg Casey
Annette & Derriel Castle
Catholic Health Initiatives
Margaret Chase
Corbin Lions Club
Geneva Davis
Rob Deal
Gary & Alice Dehner
Chris & Pat Ekris
Mike Fister
Trent Fraebel
Carol & Barry Frazelle
Greg Franklin
John Gensheimer
Rose Marie Hackett
Tom & Kim Hackney
David Hafley
Phil & Connie Harmon
Dan & Carmen Heijmans-Poorman
Muzzy Hemken
Issac Commercial
Ned & Marlene James
Myrle Jones
Melanie Kilpatrick
Melanie & Jason Ladd
Frank & Susan Lewis
Lexington South Lions Club
Charles & Carolyn Lindquist
Thomas L. Lutes
Lawrence Lynch
Phyllis & Keith MacAdam
Bill & Fredda Moody
Mel & Madeline Moser
Jerome & Nelle O’Daniel
Timothy & Sue Overman
James & Katherine Park
Properties, Inc.
Susan Starr Richards
Mary Rigg-Holthaus
Wayne & Margaret Roberts
Jenny Robertson
Marilyn Robie & Arthur Shechet
Patsy & Jerry Rose
Kate Savage
Dr. John H. Saunders
Kevin & Elise Scully
Deb Shoss
Matt Simpson
Mike Sullivan
Mark & Sharanna Swisher
Talon Winery
Warren Taylor
Toyota Motor Manufacturing KY
Trane, Inc
Blanca Ward & Walter Ward
Tiffany Wheeler
Wilmore Lioness Club
Broadcaster’s Club
$1 to $99
A Cup of Commonwealth
Linda Allen
Amazon Smile
Jessie G. Armstrong
Stanley & Jessie Baugh
Jackie Betts
Helen T. Brodt
Rebecca Brooks
Gayle Bourne
Anthony Burgett
Ted & Cynthia Burunoff
Mary BushWendy J. Butler
Bruce Camenisch
John & Cynthia Cantrell
Susan Card
Jack & Robin Carrington
Annetta Carter
Garrett Chandler
Olive Christmyer
Matthew Clarke
Judy Clemons
Chelsea Compton
Fred Copeland
Charles Coughenour
Leslie Crutcher
Natalie E. Cummins
Nancy Dicken
Faith E. Dickerson
Donald Diedrich
Tom Dixon
Tom Eblen
Irma Erhart
Cliff & Cathy Feltham
Sharon Fields
Maria Fitzpatrick
David & Brenda Fulcher
Juanita Garrison
Marilyn Getchell
Global Impact for Pitney
Johnathan Golding
Gary & Duave Goss
Martha Goss
Carolyn & John Hackworth
Joyce & John Hahn
Carroll & Kay Hall
Phyllis R. Hasbrouck
Mary Hawkins
Evelyn & Mary Hildreth
Sherrie Human
Kathleen Imhoff
Jan & Raymond Isenhour
Bonnie Johnson
Diane Johnson
Chelsey Keesy
Dorothy Kinberger
Beth Kirchner
Nancy Kirkwood (Plum)
Ruth Kitchen
Lexington KY Chapter
#345 of AARP
Elizabeth Lorch
Richard Lucas
Joe Luckett
Theresa & Ken Moakler
Amanda Mueller
Bonita Brewer Mullis
Carol Myers
Carl Nathe
Bob & Teresa Naydan
Carol Nicol
John H. Noakes
Dabney Parker
Franklin & Janet Peters
Kevin Phillips
Mary Quertermous
Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Radden
Patricia Rand
Shirley & Donald Reel
Dewey & Dorothy Reeves
Elizabeth Roach
Ken & Dudley Robertson
Phillip G. Rose
Leniel C. Rose
Mary Ellen Ross
Karri Sandino
Roger Paige & Sara
Kendell Seaton
Dr. John Selegue
Pamela Sigler
Dr. & Mrs. T. R. Sisk
Drs. Julia & Scott Stevens
Katherine Stephens
Mary Frances Stevens
Chester Stevenson
Sara & Tommy Sutton
Ethel Tate
Barbara K. Thompson
Lora Thompson
Thrivent Financial for
Cary & Madelyn Twyman
Jeanne Van Arsdall
Jewel Vanderhoef
Jim & Christine            
Gary & Fernita Wallace
Natalie B. Watt
Anne Weinberger
Donald Welch
Elizabeth J. Westin OD
Joe Will
Wilmore Lions Club
Jack & Angene Wilson
Pamla Wood
In Memory Of
Charles E. Armstrong by Jessie G. Armstrong
Murray Lasley by Susan Starr Richards
Dr. & Mrs. S. B. May by Wayne & Margaret Roberts
L. D. Mayer, MD by Dr. Leslie Branch, MD & Mrs. Barbara Bennett, CRNA
In Honor Of
Amy Hatter by Marjorie Williams
Russell Huffman, Jr. by Diane Johnson
Great niece Jamie by Ted and Cynthia Burunoff
Ken Kurtz by Cliff & Cathy Feltham
Radio Eye Staff by John H. Noakes
Roger Paige & Sara Schoenberg by Bonita Brewer Mullis
Jim & Christine Vanderhoof by Trent Fraebel
Jerry Young by Gayle Bourne

*Includes donations received October 30, 2014 – May 1, 2015
Making a Bequest: People give for many reasons. To be remembered. To honor their beliefs. To make a difference in the world. If you would like to help ensure Radio Eye's future, please remember us in your will. And please know that a gift of any amount is meaningful to us. Thank You.
New Programming at Radio Eye
VIP Yoga is an hour-long yoga show, broadcasting at 7am on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. The show was produced by North Texas Radio for the Blind by volunteer Susan Alston.
Louisville Magazine is a half-hour reading of the magazine. It airs in Louisville on Sundays at noon.
Eastern Kentucky Grocery Show is a 30 minute reading of grocery ads from Walmart, Save-a-lot, and Kroger. It airs Wednesday at 3 pm in Eastern Kentucky.
Careers and the DisaABLED is a monthly half-hour reading of the magazine. It airs the second Saturday of the month at 2:30 pm.
Eyes on Success is a weekly half-hour program created by WXXI Reachout Radio. Each week Nancy and Pete Torpey will share their life experiences and information they have gathered over the years living with vision loss - from the everyday to the high tech. It airs Sundays at 12:30 pm.
Men’s Hour is an hour long program, featuring readings from men’s magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and Esquire. It broadcasts Sundays at 3 pm and is produced by MindsEye Information Service.
Western Short Stories features short stories about the West. It airs the fourth Saturday of the month from 2 – 3 pm.
Other Program Changes
Country Weekly has moved from Saturdays at 3 pm to Friday at 3 pm. Cook’s Corner has moved from Saturday at 3:30 to Friday at 3:30 pm. Smithsonian Magazine and The Diary of Science and Nature now broadcast on Saturday at 3 and 3:30 pm.

Lee and Powell County News has been discontinued. Those newspapers are now read in the EKY Grab Bag, which now airs Thursday at 12:30 pm and Saturday at noon, on the Eastern Kentucky stream.

The BCB Bulletin is now eyeKnow News, and is read during the Disability News, Mondays at 3 pm.

Keystrokes and Job Talk have been discontinued.
Listener Survey Results
Radio Eye conducted our 3rd annual listener survey in late 2014. Of the 520 listeners contacted, 74 (14%) completed the survey. Thank you to volunteers Philip Rose and Sherrie Human for calling listeners to complete the survey over the phone.
In Their Own Words
“I really enjoy Radio Eye. I love the book series. Readers for news are sometimes too slow for me, but I realize other listeners may not be able to listen as fast as me,” said listener Wendy L.

From Helen B., “I am totally satisfied with Radio Eye. You provide a wonderful service.”

Another listener, Bettie R., said, “I particularly enjoy the reading of the newspaper, since I can't read it anymore.”

Benefit of the Service
Here’s how our listeners say Radio Eye helps them:
  • 88% report feeling less isolated because of Radio Eye programming
  • 94% know more about current events
  • 18% have attended an event they heard Radio Eye announce
  • 67% know more about health topics
  • 19% talked to their doctor about something they heard
  • 97% believe listening increases their knowledge of general topics – up from 91% last year.
Favorite Programs
Once again, the Lexington Herald-Leader beat out other programs as our most listened to show, with 47% of listeners tuning in.

Other popular programs were the Louisville Courier Journal, with 46%; the Book Series with 38%; our sports programs (Herald-Leader Sports in Lexington and Eastern Kentucky and Courier Journal Sports in Louisville) at 23%, and Grocery Show, Health Corner, Community Update programs, and Kentucky Series tying at 22%.

Once again, the most wished for books for our Book Series were histories, mysteries, and biographies. 
Board of Directors: Barbara McGroarty, Chair; John Copeland, Treasurer; Greg Casey, Secretary; Linda Allen; Rob Deal; Martha Goss; David Hafley; Melanie Kilpatrick; Philip Rose; Rob Ruddick; Kate Savage

Staff: Amy Hatter, Executive Director; Doug Collins, Volunteer Engineer; Lucy Stone, Studio Manager; Megan Hensley, Assistant Studio Manager
Copyright © 2014 Radio Eye, All rights reserved.
Radio Eye is a nonprofit radio reading service for those who are visually impaired or physically disabled.

Our mailing address is:
1733 Russell Cave Road
Lexington, KY 40505

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