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Good Giving Guide Challenge!      


By: Lucy Stone

Wow is the one word that comes to mind when I think about the Good Giving Guide challenge this year. So far we have raised over $4,000 by almost 50 donors, and that doesn't include our match grant! That simply blows me away! For the overall challenge, over one million dollars has been donated. Take a moment to think about that. One MILLION dollars. That is more than a chunk of change. Over three thousand people have come together to raise over a million dollars to make our hometown a better place.

I know that the other non-profits and organizations are going to do great things with their donations but I get excited thinking about all the things Radio Eye is going to do with ours! This is the second year that I've gotten to watch the dollars climb on the ticker on the website. And in the past year we have done so many things. Things, that when I first took the assistant studio manager position, I never thought possible.

We are officially up on all three streams in Eastern Kentucky. We have attended dozens and dozens of  health fairs, conferences, and events, and given talks to nursing homes and other organizations. I, personally, have gone through hundreds of business cards because I'm always meeting new people who know someone or could know someone that could really use our service. Because of the funding we get from our Good Giving Guide donors, we can comfortably go forth and find new listeners, new contacts, and even new volunteers.

I just want to say a huge Thank You. Thank you to our donors who continue to show us such amazing support. Thank you to our volunteers who give us their time week after week and allow us to put on such a great broadcast. Thank you to our loyal listeners who call in whenever there is a problem, or they have a comment, or they just want to let us know what a great job we are doing. Thank you to those silent readers who don't click "unsubscribe" every time we send out an email about one of our many events. Thank you to the people that stop by my office just to chit chat for a moment. You are the reason why I love my job so much and why I manage to be in the studio every morning at 7:30am with both shoes on. Thank you!


Meet Megan!

By: Megan Hensley
A couple of years ago, when I first began volunteering as a reader, I fell in love with Radio Eye.  At the time I was drawn to the warmth of the people, the flexibility of the volunteer opportunities, and the importance of the services provided.  It also reminded me of the role of books and print in my daily life.  Some of my earliest memories are of my parents teaching me to read.  I would diligently turn pages and absorb the wonderful illustrations from stacks of children’s books.  Reading has been an irreplaceable gift that I was given, one which I cannot imagine living without. 
When I was given the privilege of working for this organization a few months ago, I felt a huge sense of gratitude.  When I come in the early morning I don’t feel a single ounce of dread.  The days fly by because I am not looking at the clock and wishing for time to pass.  I realize that some people will never have even one day of that feeling – I have had several weeks!  I do not take for granted that this is a great place for me to work, for all the same reasons I enjoyed being a reader nearly two years ago.

Eastern Kentucky Listener Spotlight!

By: Joel Scott

For our last Listener Spotlight of 2014, we will be getting to know new Radio Eye listener Jaime Baker.  Jaime, 35, has lived in Jackson in Breathitt County all her life.   She has two daughters, ages 8 and 14.  She heard about Radio Eye from her friend Bess Douthitt, a retired teacher of the visually impaired.
Jaime suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, which runs in her family.  “My dad has it,” Jaime says, as well as “a couple of his brothers and one of his sisters.” Some of her cousins also have the disorder.
Jaime’s great passion is writing. She began writing when she was around 15 years old and took to it right away.
“I just started writing one day and it just kind of seemed easy for me,” she says.
Jaime has had multiple volumes of her work published.  Her main output is her Broken Windows trilogy: Broken Windows: Life, Death, and the In-Between; A Second Look: Reality, Fantasy, and the In-Between, Broken Windows Vol. 2; and A Final  Glance: Inspiration, Devastation, and the In-Between: Broken Windows Vol. 3.  “I wanted to come up with something that takes the full circle of experiences in life,” she says.  All three can be obtained from the Publish America website or 
She has also written a children’s book, Bedtime Baby, a poem aimed at toddler-aged children.  Her brother-in-law, Roger Noble, illustrated all of the books.  Jaime also has another children’s book, The Adventures of Macy and Me, which she intends to publish.

                          Volunteer Needs

These are all permanent open spots and needs. If you can fill any of these spots, please let Lucy or Megan know!
  • Grocery Show on Wednesday, 28 minute recording, needs to be done before 3:00pm
  • Herald-Leader Sports on Monday, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 9:15am
  • Courier Journal Sports on Wednesdays, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 9:15 am
  • Control Board Operators for the Herald-Leader from 7:50am - 9:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Control Board Operators for the Courier Journal from 10:55 - noon on Wednesday

Volunteer Anniversaries

Don Diedrich - 10 years
Laura Zimmerman - 5 years
Elaine Duett - 3 years
Melanie Ladd - 2 years
Fred Copeland - 1 year
Rob Ruddick - 1 year
Drew Bowling - 1 year
Sheri Estill - 1 year

Skate to Donate!

We are lucky enough to be apart of a fun, new event called Skate to Donate.
On Wednesday, Dec.10th, from 4pm-9pm, Radio Eye will receive a donation from every admission with a flyer into the Downtown Skating Rink! The admission is $10 and includes skate rental and 90 minutes of skate time! There are actual flyers on Megan's desk or we'd be happy to email one to you!


Volunteer Birthdays 

Trevor Brown
Roger Paige
Brian Mckeown
Michael Washington
Patricia O'Neil
Everett Bethune
Robin Carrington
Susan Ament
Don Cowan
Missy Ward
Tali Hunt
Virginia Smith
Anna Lee Albertson



  • Development Committee Meeting at 12pm, December 10th
  • Skate to Donate event!  December 10 from 4pm-9pm.
  • December 12th, New Volunteer Orientation at 10am (lead by Lucy)
  • Last day for Good Giving Guide Challenge on December 12th!
  • Outreach Committee Meeting at 10am December 17
  • December 22nd, Lucy's Birthday! :)
  • Radio Eye closed on December 24th & 25th!
  • Radio Eye closed on January 1st!

Office Needs

- Lysol Wipes   
- Printer Paper
- Labels (5160)
- Decaf K-Cups
- Post-it Notes 

Community Event!

One of our volunteers recently told us about a new nonprofit called Jillian's Joy Box! It is a charity organization in honor of a little girl named Jillian who lost her life to lung cancer. The mission of the organization is to bring joy to children, one smile at a time, by collecting donations and toys. The toys are donated to the UK Children's Hospital with the intention of bringing some joy to an otherwise challenging time for them!

There is a somewhat open house event that allows individuals to come tour a winter wonderland full of spectacular lights and decorations of the season! There is no cost of admission, they just ask that you bring an unwrapped gift that will be donated to the cause.  It is a wonderful event held on Fridays in December from 6pm to 9pm. Feel free to call 859-264-8636 for more information!



  • Irma Erhart
  • Chester Stevenson
  • Gary and Duave Goss
  • William Rogers Beasley
  • Jean Spillman
  • Marjorie Williams
  • Tom Eblen
  • Dorothy Kinberger
  • Barbara McGroarty
  • John Selegue
  • Tom and Kim Hackney
  • Chelsea Compton
  • Judy Clemmons
  • Gayle Bourne
  • Theresa and Kenneth Moakler
  • Annette and Darriel Castle
  • John and Cynthia Cantrell
  • Hargus Sexton
  • Nancy Dicken
  • Sara and Tommy Sutton
  • Shelly and Dick Meyer
  • Sherrie Human
  • Lexington Lions Club
  • Natalie Wayy
  • Jerome and Nelle O'Daniel
  • Mollie Sawyer
  • Marilyn Getchell
  • Christy Elam
  • Richard Lucas
  • Dabney Parker


  • Lora Thompson
  • Melanie Kilpatrick
  • Elizabeth Lorch
  • Bruce Camenisch
  • Rebecca Brooks
  • Black and Walter Ward
  • Warren Taylor
  • Mary Riggs Holthaus
  • Chelsey Keesy
  • James and Katherine Park
  • Ned and Marlene James
  • Mary Ellen Ross
  • Chris and Pat Ekris
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Greg Franklin
  • Katherine Stephens
  • Larry Hurt
  • Wayne and Margaret Roberts
  • Eugene Gholz
  • Maria Fitzpatrick
  • Donald Welch
  • Glenna Flannery
  • Carol Nicol
  • Ted and Mrs. Sisk
  • Greg Casey
  • Rose Marie Hacket
  • Fred Copeland
  • Johnathan Golding
  • Kendell Seaton
  • Katti Sandino
  • Matt Simpson
*These are donations made through December 1,2014*
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