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Listener Spotlight: Peter Larson

By: Joel Scott

Peter Larson is the featured listener in this listener spotlight.  Peter, who is 60, has lived in Louisville for over 40 years.  He is a native of Warren, OH and also lived in New York City, Cleveland, and western Pennsylvania before settling in Louisville.  He worked at Plumbers Supply Company in Louisville for 22 years.  
Peter has been listening to Radio Eye for about two years.   He first heard about it from a counselor at the Charles W. McDowell Rehabilitation Center in Louisville.  He leaves his radio on all the time.  He always makes an effort to be listening when the Louisville Courier Journal is read and also loves to listen to book readings.
Peter is legally blind.  He has Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON).  Leber’s neuropathy is a condition passed from mothers to children through mitochondrial DNA.  It causes the degeneration of retinal ganglion cells and axons.  Although both sons and daughters of a carrier mother inherit the DNA for the condition, it primarily affects young males.  After a drawn out process of eliminating one possibility for his vision loss after another, Peter’s LHON was finally diagnosed after a DNA test at the Cincinnati Eye Institute.
Peter has lived in Louisville’s Clifton neighborhood since before he started losing his vision.  Clifton is a good place for a visually impaired person to be.  The sidewalks have raised areas for detection by guide canes and the restaurants have menus in Braille.  “I guess God put me here for a reason,” Peter says.
In December Peter suffered the loss of his wife, Eleanor Schultz Larson.  He is an active participant in Gilda’s Club, a support community for people living with cancer and their families.  He also listens to the Hope and Inspiration program Radio Eye airs.

Listener Spotlight: Amanda Presley

By: Joel Scott

In this listener spotlight, we will be getting acquainted with Radio Eye Listener Amanda Presley.  Amanda is 37 and originally from Columbus, Ohio.  She came to Lexington in 1994 to study at the University of Kentucky.
Amanda has been listening to Radio Eye for about two or three months now.  She says she listens at least weekly and usually at least every other morning.  She especially likes listening to the Lexington Herald-Leader and Louisville Courier-Journal.  “I enjoy learning what’s going on around me,” she says.
Amanda listens to Radio Eye because multiple sclerosis makes it difficult for her to read in the traditional way.  She also uses a scooter and an electric chair to get out and about.  She likes to go shopping and exercise.  “I feel better when I ‘m getting exercise,” Amanda says.
Photography is a major interest of Amanda’s, but it’s something she hasn’t been able to do much of lately.  “I would like to get out and take some pictures,” she says.

Dining Out at Saul Good

Join Radio Eye on Tuesday, September 10th from 5pm - 9pm at Saul Good in Hamburg! 20% of your bill will be donated to Radio Eye when you present a special flyer.

You can find the flyer on our website at

Hope to see you there!
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