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New Partnership between Radio Eye and Lexington Community Radio


By: Amy Hatter

Starting in a few weeks, you may see some new faces around Radio Eye’s studios. Last week, Amy, Lucy, and Megan met with Hap Houlihan and Kakie Urch of Lexington Community Radio (LCR) to talk about a new partnership.
LCR is a new non-profit low-powered FM station (LPFM). They will have two stations, WLXU 93.9 FM will have English programming and WLXL 95.7 FM will be in Spanish. Each station will serve just a few miles of Lexington (map below). They’ve been in the works for awhile now, and will start broadcasting by the end of September.
LCR and Radio Eye are partnering to give LCR’s volunteer DJs practice on reading aloud in a studio situation. LCR DJs who choose to participate will read Radio Eye programming while learning how to use recording equipment.  They’ll also be able to practice reading copy on-air while using a control board, telephone interviews, and more skills they’ll need as DJs on the new station.
If you’re interested in learning more about LCR (or becoming a DJ for the station), call Hap Houlihan at 859-533-8443 or email
We are also working on Radio Eye’s first Spanish-language program, which will broadcast on WLXL. More details to come on that soon, as it develops.

Morehead Expansion

By: Lucy Stone
As some of you may know, Radio Eye just completed an expansion project to Morehead! We have partnered with Morehead State Public Radio and will be broadcasting to at least 8 new counties! We recently hosted an open house event at the Rowan County Library and passed out 6 radios to new listeners! Also, for the first time ever, we have the opportunity to have remote studio space inside MSPR! That means that readers would record in Morehead and then digitally send us the files. We already have a few people who are excited to get started volunteering for us!

This expansion would not have been possible without the help of Paul Hitchcock, who is the General Manager. He has helped us reach out to publishers of the surrounding county papers, taken us on tours of the studios and transmitter site, and even put a radio in his office so he can make sure that we're up and running! We're extremely thankful to have such a wonderful partner and Paul has really made this the easiest expansion project so far! To quote what he's said in passing, "We really want to be more than a partner. We want to become an active part of your team." MSPR has really gone above and beyond! Thanks, Paul! We love having you on our team!

Annual Donor Dinner

By: Lucy Stone

For the past few years Radio Eye has been hosting an annual donor dinner. We try to invite donors who have given not only large amounts, but who have given frequently over our 25 year history. On August 4th, we had the pleasure of having 20 guests for dinner at Portofino. We combined board members, volunteers, and donors together to chitchat a share a meal celebrating Radio Eye's success over the past 25 years.

With the help of these donors we've been able to fund our expansion projects to three different parts of the state, we've expanded our budget to pay for three full time staff, we've upgraded outdated equipment, and we've managed to keep our candy dish filled with delicious treats for our volunteers. These are the hidden faces that help keep Radio Eye running smoothly and smiling!

                          Volunteer Needs

These are all permanent open spots and needs. If you can fill any of these spots, please let Lucy or Megan know!
  • Herald-Leader Sports on Monday, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 9:15am
  • Courier Journal Sports on Wednesdays, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 9:15 am
  • EKY Grab Bag on Thursdays, 28 minute recording, needs to be done by 12:15pm
  • Courier Journal Sports on Friday, 24 minute recording, needs to be read by 9:15am
  • Anderson County News on Friday, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 10:15am
  • Breathitt County News on Friday, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 11:45am
  • Pike County News on Sunday, 28 minute recording, needs to be read by 11:45am
  • Control Board Operators for the Herald-Leader from 7:50am - 9:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Control Board Operators for the Courier Journal from 10:55 - noon on Wednesday
** We are also in the process of adding in new papers to our Morehead stream! These will also need hosts!**

Office Needs

-Printer Paper
-Labels (5160)
-Regular/Decaf K-Cups
-Post-it Notes
- Stamps
- All types of candy



  • Development Committee Meeting at 12pm, August 12th
  • Outreach Committee Meeting at 10am, August 17th
  • August 24th, UK Fusion will be in helping us with our mailing
  • Radio Eye closes at noon on September 7th, Labor Day
  • Celebrity Reader Week starts September 14th

Community Event!

Many of you remember Chelsey, the previous Studio Manager, and often wonder what she's up to! She took a job with the BCB (Bluegrass Council of the Blind) and is doing fantastic! Like us, they are a nonprofit that helps individuals with low to no vision. Funding is always important when it comes to nonprofits and we just wanted to share that...
The BCB is hosting Thursday Night Lived next week!

On the 20th they'll be downtown at the Pavilion, pouring beer and jamming out to a live band that their Executive Director actually sings in! If you like Jimmy Buffett, Conch Republic will be right up your aisle! Thursday Night Live runs from 4:30-9:00pm. I'm sure Chelsey would love to see some familiar faces and would appreciate the show of support!


  • Reynaldo and Joan Arias
  • Michael Barnard
  • William Rogers Beasley
  • LeMerle Bentley
  • Bonita Brewer Mullis
  • Anne Bringardner Graham
  • Anthony Burgett
  • Mary Bush
  • Fred Busroe
  • Ron and Susan Byars
  • Jacqueline Byrd
  • Virginia G. Carter
  • Bea Chapin
  • Neil Chethik
  • Anne Combs
  • Charles Coughenour
  • Jane and Ella Creech
  • Rob Deal
  • Rosemerrie Decker
  • Donald Diedrich
  • Tom Dixon
  • Christine Eades
  • Sheryl and Wendell Eddings
  • Len Edelen
  • Judy and Joe Engelberg
  • Sharon Fields
  • Edna C. Fischer
  • Greg Franklin
  • Cynthia Furey
  • Juanice Gillespie
  • Billie Goodwill
  • Gary and Duave Goss
  • Joey Grisham
  • Brenda Haines
  • Dan and Carmen Heijmans-Poorman
  • Bill Hintze
  • Paul Hitchcock
  • Phillip and Nancy Hoffman
  • Jenna Hollinden
  • Marge Holmes
  • Regina Horine
  • Marie Houlihan
  • Patricia Hume
  • Hope Hurst Lanham
  • Larry Hurt
  • Carolyn Ives
  • Renee Jackson
  • Eva Jane Jacobs
  • Ned and Marlene James
  • Bonnie Johnson
  • Myrle Jones
  • Jim Kelsey
  • Helen Kemp
  • Melanie Kilpatrick


  • Nancy Kirkwood (Plum)
  • Joan Kmetz
  • John and Eva LaRue
  • Charles and Carolyn Lindquist
  • Joe Luckett
  • Richard L. Marshall
  • Martha and William Martin
  • Norma and Dwayne Mattingly
  • Allen Mayberry
  • Stacey Maynard
  • Lucy Mize
  • Walter Morris
  • Mel and Madalyn Moser
  • Roger Paige
  • Jane Penrod
  • Jean Pival
  • Michael Plewa
  • Sharon Quinn
  • Marco and Kathleen Rajkovich
  • Dea Rhineheimer
  • Rick Ricks
  • David Roark
  • Joyce & Gary Rogers
  • Patsy and Jerry Rose
  • Myra and Don Rouse
  • Constanine Sarantakos
  • Mollie Sawyer
  • Kendell Seaton
  • Catesby Simpson
  • Walker Sloan
  • Janet Smith
  • Merriam Spurgeon
  • Amy Stephens
  • Gladys Sutherland
  • Sara and Tommy Sutton
  • Robert Thompson
  • Joseph Turley
  • William Turner
  • Jim and Christine Vanderhoof
  • Laurance B VanMeter
  • Frank and Carol Vaughan
  • Gary and Fernita Wallace
  • Blanca and Walter Ward
  • Joni Way
  • Nila Wells
  • Carol Winburn
  • Frances Woerner
  • Ross Zimmerman
  • Laura Zimmerman
*These are donations are from May 1st to August 1st*
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