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Welcome to the new Radio Reader! One of our volunteers suggested we begin using MailChimp and we thought it was a great idea. We've also decided to combine our volunteer and donor newsletters. Thank you so much to everyone who completed our volunteer survey this year! The staff will be discussing the results and implementing changes. Always feel free to leave a suggestion or comment in our suggestion box or talk to the staff directly if you have a concern.
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Volunteer Spotlight

Freida Vinegar is in the Volunteer Spotlight this month.  Having spent 21 years as a Radio Eye volunteer, she’s a seasoned veteran and a shining example of dedication and commitment.
Back in 1993 Freida came across a Reader's Digest article on reading services that referred her to her local Department for the Blind.  When she contacted the department, she was told that they would soon discontinue recording books for students, but that a new reading service, Central Kentucky Radio Eye, had made its debut on the UK campus.  The founder, professor emeritus Dr. Al Crabb, was seeking help in the form of readers, control board operators, administrative assistants – in fact, anything and everything was needed.

When Freida called to find out more about Radio Eye, she spoke with Dr. Crabb, who briefly described the organization’s mission and invited her to come in for an audition.  On audition day, Dr. Crabb immediately put her in a booth to record what she thought would be her demo tape.  Only later did she discover that her ‘audition’ tape had actually been broadcast later on that same day!
Freida enjoys volunteering because she loves to read and this is her chance to share the printed word with those who are unable to read.

At the outset, Freida recorded various articles on Saturday mornings, joining the live desk occasionally, just filling in when regular readers were absent.  Eventually she asked Al if she could be a permanent live reader.  Once a spot on the Saturday morning crew opened up, she joined that team, later on moving to Sunday mornings, where she’s been ever since.  She reads the Herald-Leader every Sunday and also records books.  She particularly likes live reading because there’s more interaction among the readers and she believes the listeners are more appreciative because they know there are no ‘do-overs’ in a live broadcast. In her off hours, Freida is an actress, appearing with local theater companies around the region.  Her acting ability definitely serves her well as a reader.

Freida has lots of great memories from the early days of Radio Eye – times when she was the only live reader and she read for two solid hours at a time.  It was fun because everybody was thoroughly infected with ’AC fever’ (‘Al Crabb fever’ – or ‘Al Crabb fervor’ as Freida likes to say).  Everybody was pioneering – there were no scripts or guidelines – it was just learn as you go! The studio was housed at UK’s Margaret I. King library, the walls of the booths had carpet nailed to them to make them soundproof, the furniture was old, the supplies were few, the niceties were absent, and, especially on Sundays, the crew was skeleton.  How times have changed!


                          Volunteer Needs

*The Week, sub through the summer, 30 minute recording, needs to be read on Friday or Saturday
*Job Talk, permanent reader, 30 minute recording, can be read any day
*Grocery Show, permanent reader, 30 minute recording, can be read Monday - Wednesday
*Courier Journal Sports on Friday, 24 minute recording, needs to be read by 9:15am
*Woodford/Scott News, sub for a few weeks, 30 minute recording, read on Friday
*Lee & Powell News, sub for a few weeks, 30 minute recording, read on Friday
*Control board operators for the Herald-Leader from 7:50am - 9:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Volunteer Anniversaries

Jane Cutter - 5 years
Bruce Camenisch - 4 years
Kathy Cleary - 3 years
Sondra Morgan - 3 years
Dawn Pope - 2 years
Kathleen Volker - 1 year


-Lysol wipes
-1 inch round mailing seals
-Labels (5160)
-No. 6 3/4 envelopes
-7 1/4 wide x 5 1/4 envelopes
-Scotch tape refills
-Computer monitor stands

Volunteer Birthdays            

Joyce Hahn
Phyllis MacAdam
Richard Lucas
Gary Wayne
Lauren May
Lindsay Harrell
Rob Ruddick


Monday, June 9th Expansion Committee Meeting at 11am
Friday, June 13th New Volunteer Orientation at 10am
Friday, June 27th New Volunteer Orientation at 1pm
Monday, June 30th Outreach Committee Meeting at 10am

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