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Donor Spotlight: Bluegrass Sotheby's International Realty -- The MAP Foundation

By: Joel Scott

Radio Eye recently received a generous $1,000 donation from Bluegrass Sotheby’s International Realty via The MAP Foundation. The donation resulted from a charity bowling event, according to Riley Kirn, Vice President of Operations for Bluegrass Sotheby’s.
Other local charities Sotheby’s has supported throughout the years include LexArts and the Lexington Humane Society.  They were also one of the main sponsors of Horsemania, the program where local businesses and organizations decorated wooden horse statues throughout Lexington.  
Kirn says Bluegrass Sotheby’s likes to give back to the community because “it is important to help support all things that make Lexington such a great city.  Charitable organizations always need help and we feel it is very important for us to try to do as much, for as many, as we can.”

Listener Spotlight: John Noakes

By: Joel Scott

The subject of this Listener Spotlight is Radio Eye listener John Noakes.  After spending most of his adult life in the American Southwest, John, 64, has now returned to Cynthiana, where he was born and raised.
John spent most of his time in the Southwest living and working on the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico, first in special education and then in social services helping adults with disabilities.  When his vision began to fail, John relocated to Tucson, AZ, to be near the Southwestern Blind Center. 
The cause of John’s legal blindness is histoplasmosis retinitis with severe macular scarring. Histoplasmosis is caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, which John was exposed to working around bird droppings in the chicken coop on his family’s farm and keeping two pet pigeons with his sister.   Also known as Ohio Valley disease, histoplasmosis initially affects the lungs and can, as in John’s case, affect other organ systems subsequently.
John has been listening to Radio Eye for about a year now.  He first heard about it through Kentucky Talking Books.  He also found a brochure about the program at his optometrist’s office and heard about it from a friend who works as a nurse at St. Joseph’s hospital.
John says he listens to Radio Eye probably five or six days a week.  His favorite program is the Lexington Herald-Leader.  He also listens to the AARP program, Diabetes and You, the grocery ads, and Job Talk.  “I do enjoy Radio Eye,” John says. 
He volunteers as a kitchen aid three days a week at the Harrison County Senior Citizens Center.  He also helps with the Meals on Wheels program.   He enjoys creative writing and poetry.  “I like to write things I think might be consoling to other people,” John says.  He is currently working on piece called “A Prayer for Robin” for an employee at the Senior Center who is leaving to take another position.  He also enjoys working with plants and flowers, saying “I think flowers and anything that blooms are a gift from God.”

Donor Spotlight: Johnny & Carrie Hutchins

This donor spotlight focuses on Johnny and Carrie Hutchins of New Haven, Kentucky.  Johnny is the accountant at The Abbey of Gethsemani and Carrie works in the warehouse department at the Jim Beam Booker Noe Plant in Boston. They have 2 grown daughters and a very handsome grandson.

Johnny and Carrie have been donating to Radio Eye since their daughter, Chelsey, began working as the studio manager about a year ago. "It's a very good program and helps a lot of people," Carrie said, "It also means a lot to our daughter." The couple also donate to the Make A Wish Foundation, Kosair, and United Way.

Carrie added, "It's a wonderful service. It's also a free service, and not many things are free anymore!"
Johnny and Carrie Hutchins and their grandson Tanner

Listener Spotlight: Barbara Traxler

By: Joel Scott

May’s featured listener is one of CKRE’s newest.  Barbara Traxler, 69, just arrived in Lexington from Spokane, WA in November of last year.  Her son, who lives near Chicago, encouraged her to come to Lexington to enjoy the temperate climate and friendly people.  She also has a daughter who lives in Oregon.
Barbara is originally from Memphis, TN, where her father worked for Humble Oil (which later became part of Exxon) and her mother was a private dance instructor.  Barbara would later live in Augusta, GA as well as Coeur d’Alene, Wallace, and Idaho Falls, Idaho before winding up in Spokane.  She worked for the Wallace Chamber of Commerce greeting people and answering phones. She was named volunteer of the year at a nursing home there, too.  She was also a stage dancer for 14 years.
Barbara is legally blind and has always had trouble seeing.  She suffered a head injury during birth that greatly diminished the vision in her left eye.  Now she has cataracts in both eyes, but the doctors are hesitant to operate for fear of blinding her.  She relies on LexTran and Wheels to get around town, and uses special lamps and an 18-point magnifier to help her read.
Since 1989, Barbara, who is Catholic, has been a one-woman pen pal ministry.  She sends letters and cards to people, mostly older women and couples.  She writes 200 to 300 letters a month.  She is always grateful for donations of stamps and stationery.  She also has a phone ministry in which she prays with and encourages people over the phone.
Barbara wants everyone to know about Radio Eye.  “I think it’s really good for people who have trouble seeing,” she says.  “To me, it’s awesome.”
Radio Eye listener Barbara Traxler with her dog Shasta


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