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Listener Spotlight: Bill Deatherage

By: Joel Scott

This Listener Spotlight takes us to Louisville to visit listener Bill Deatherage.  Bill is 58 years old and originally from Florence in northern Kentucky.  He is a retired claims and service representative with the Department of  Social Security. 
Bill has been legally blind his whole life, having suffered trauma to his retina, cornea and optic nerve at birth. He has been listening to Radio Eye since it expanded to Louisville in 2010.  He listens to the Courier Journal most days, and also loves to listen to People’s Pharmacy and Get Fit.  He often    listens to Radio Eye on his iPod or iPhone.  He uses book reading services like Audible or Bookshare to listen to books.  Bill also enjoys listening to music.
When Bill first moved to Louisville from northern Kentucky, he missed the reading service he had been using. He was glad when CKRE expanded to the Louisville Market. 
“There’s a lot of local things, or things that are centered around    Kentucky, that a lot of the other services don’t pick up,” Bill said, “things like authors in Kentucky. I’m really grateful for that.”

David & Frances Brain

Donor Spotlight: Francis Hollis Brain Foundation

by: Lissa Probus
“The Frances Hollis Brain Foundation is a charitable family foundation whose mission is to support non-profit organizations and projects that alleviate human suffering and improve the human condition.”
Diane Bryant, daughter to David and Frances Brain, took time to speak with us about the foundation’s history and giving.
David and Frances were long time Lexingtonians and first learned about the work of Radio Eye through Dr. James Kemp, volunteer, reader and board member. Helen and Jim Kemp and Frances and David Brain were friends of long standing through their Sunday school class at First United Methodist Church in Lexington.
The Frances Hollis Brain Foundation has a long history of support for Radio Eye, funding the purchase of radios and the control board in their new studios. Most recently, a major gift was made to provide radios for our expansion into Eastern Kentucky.
The Foundation feels that Radio Eye is a wonderful organization to support because Radio Eye operates so leanly - almost all of the work is done by volunteers with a large base of support in the community. The mission of providing the daily news to people who are print impaired is so important. Diane said, “My mother suffered from Parkinson’s, and tracking and holding printed material became difficult.  Print impairment is not only due to blindness. Access to the daily news, books and current culture allows people to stay connected with the rest of the world."
Giving back to their communities is important to the family and this is why the foundation was created. The organization’s giving is based in Lexington, Portland, Maine and Atlanta, Georgia. The organization maintains a fund through the Bluegrass Community Foundation, who vets new requests through their profile program.
We at Radio Eye are very grateful for the support of the Francis Hollis Brain Foundation.
 â€œFrances and David Brain established the Foundation in 1993 as a tangible expression of their values. They believe that those who are blessed with resources have a responsibility to share them with those who are less fortunate. Through the Foundation, they seek with their family to address their social concerns and to encourage future generations of the family to participate in the charitable work of the Foundation.”
Frances & David Brain

Listener Spotlight: William Lynch

By: Joel Scott
William Lynch of Frankfort is the focus of this Listener Spotlight.  William, 81, has lived in Frankfort all his life.  He has been retired for 25 years from the Kentucky Highway Department where he was an engineer in the bridge division.
William is one of Radio Eye’s newest listeners, having listened for    under a year.  He mainly listens to the Frankfort State Journal, and he actually listens to it through his television.  He says he most likely heard about Radio Eye from his next door neighbor, who is completely blind.
William is not completely blind.  He estimates his vision loss at about  90 percent.
“My eyes just never were any good, really,” William says. “I was born with bad eyes, but not real bad.  I never had them corrected to 20/20.  I did get to 20/30 there for a while.  But here in the last 10 years they’ve really started turning down.” William has glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.
Up until about six months ago William was an avid woodworker, but when his vision got too bad, he gave it up.  “I was afraid I’d get some fingers cut off,” he says.
He does still enjoy boating on the Kentucky River with friends, where he owns a houseboat.  He also enjoys watching TV, especially The History Channel, National Geographic Channel, and CNN.  But his  favorite thing to watch during this time of year is Kentucky Wildcats basketball.
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