Swaraj University is a two-year learning space for youth, with focus on self-design learning and social entrepreneurship within the context of sustainability and social justice.
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Taking Forward the Learning

Building new learning communities

It has almost been 3-years when Swaraj University started with an aim of providing youth the space to express their freedom, to pursue their passions, thereby also taking the responsibility for a sustainable change in the world. Closely glancing at the lives of 50+ khojis and hundreds of other people we have come in touch with during this process, we have also realized that a different kind of learning doesn't restrict itself to Swaraj University. It needs to go beyond. In spite of numerous experiments happening across the globe, we definitely need more and more such learning communities and spaces, in a localized manner. We would like you, as being a part of our extended family, to also brainstorm with us the ways to go about it. Write to us at: swarajuni@gmail.com

Paths the Khojis are on...

Nachiket participated at an active theater learning workshop at Swabhav, Kolkata. Swabhav is an open learning space aimed at co-creating experiments, exploring creativity, and questioning the ready-made world outside. 

Tushar and Gaurav along with the facilitator Reva are building a bamboo and mud-based eco-hut at the Swaraj University campus.

Nikhil is networking with people in Pune and also designing posters for the 'Economics of Happiness Conference', Australia. Check out his way of story-telling at his blog.

Nachiketa has been visiting a local community with Ravi, another Khoji to interact with the kids.

Cycle Yatra: 22 people including all the khojis of the third batch undertook a 6-day cycle yatra, visiting 4 different villages on the outskirts of Udaipur. It wasn't an ordinary cycle yatra, but a challenging one as the yatris went without money, food and electronic gadgets. It was an attempt to make relation with people and barter services for food. And as it turned out, it wasn't just barter, it involved a strong presence of gift culture and was an eye-opening for many of the khojis, that left them with several questions. A few of such cycle yatras are organized every year by the Swapathgami network. Check out a video of one of our earlier cycle yatras.


Kamalbir has been creatively reviving different spaces at the Swaraj University campus - designing a new art room, stitching new curtains, and giving the walls and the doors another touch of color. (Pic above)

Shoeb visited Baul Music festivals of West Bengal is currently living and interacting with the Baul-fakir communities there.

Sachin and Ritesh participated at Kalaghoda crafts festival, Mumbai and presented their hand-made jewelry with Earthcare designs 

Madhur has been writing stories at Recycling Stardust and has created a short film. Check them out!


Snippets from our recent meet

Our recent meet with the third batch was full of varied things. Khojis took up group projects and made a floating boat, a few herbal body-care items and solar-water heater. A theatrical play on 'economics of happiness' was prepared and presented by the khojis at three different places in Udaipur. The early mornings were also filled with exciting happenings - ranging from sun-gazing, Osho meditation, aerobics and yoga. A in-depth study on 'rethinking development' hosted by Sameer gave another dimension to contemporary views on Development. Khojis also visited Udaipur's biggest dumping yard. Shammi introduced non-violent communication(NVC) whereas Anita Borkar with lot of activities helped us understand sexuality, gender and social justice. The meet ended with a session on forgiveness where everyone shared personally as well in the community what they felt about each other respectively. 

Upcoming Events

Workshop on Jeevan Vidya
Conducted by Vinish Gupta and Karuna Morarji at Swaraj University campus from 2nd-8th March 2013.
Click here for more info

Admissions for Swaraj University
The orientation meets for admissions shall start post-April. Those interested can send us a mail at swarajuni@gmail.com or call at 08764279302 and can check
our news page or facebook page for regular updates. 

Our mailing address is:
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