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A New Years letter from Maile!

It is so funny how we look at January 1 as a whole new clean slate chapter.


The year 2019 was difficult for so many retailers, especially small locally owned stores.  It was the final quarter of the year and we shop owners were looking forward to 2020, reset the game, do over....


January, February, we breathed a sigh of relief, the year was getting off to a good start.  Then March happened and life as we knew it changed.  Even now, I still don’t even know how to describe the confusion, anxiety, fear and exhaustion of the past 10 months.  Those are scary words I just used.  Here are some words that I also want to share.



I saw businesses and individuals ask for help and receive it.  I saw people giving what they could, however they could.  I saw generosity, I gave generously and received back tenfold.  I saw people pull together and work together and fulfill needs in the community.  Our shop became a haven, a place of learning, a place for community.  My husband calls it “Vicky’s Fabrics Clubhose” and has a little jingle he sings.  I am grateful for everyone this past year who has walked into our doors and shared something of themselves with me, whether for a few minutes a few hours, or over the days.



It is remarkable how every day brings change, and how resilient we are in making changes.  None of it is easy.  If there is anything I have learned this year, it is that change is.  Nothing remains the same. We don’t realize it sometimes, for example, I know my child moves one grade to the next, but we get up at the same time, drive down to the same school, but the progression of her education is normal, what every child grows up with, I did, my mother did, my grandparents before me. . .this year was nothing like anyone expected.  It was and still is a struggle to educate my child in this new environment, one that is changed and will continue to change.  Yet, we are still here, still breathing, living and growing and expanding our current way of living, hoping for change.



I count my blessings more.  I express how grateful I am for the people I work with, for my customers who support me, for the companies, vendors, and community that allows me to continue to open my doors.  More so this year, than any other year that I have been in business, do I realize how much we all rely on each other.  How hard everyone works to do their job and do it well, and how frustrating it can be when things don’t happen the way we want.  My family has carried me through this, Mom Vicky, who tells me “You can only do what you can do, It’s o.k.”  Dad Gary, who is a joyous fixture.  To those who visit, he does much more than just play games on the computer, he cleans and unpacks.  He helps take care of Ashlyn and scolds me when I need it.  He makes everyone who works with me smile and laugh and feel loved by a Dad.  My husband who keeps my home life stable. His support this year has kept me sane and mostly reasonable.  He stands so staunchly behind me and has my back as we go fight the Hand (nerd alert:  Daredevil reference. . .).  Ashlyn, my child, has survived this year and it has been a rough one for her.  Still, she is sweet natured, affectionate and could be much worse.  *snort*


As the New Year is upon us, we imagine that wiped clean slate.  I can’t even imagine what is coming in 2021.  What I do know is Vicky’s Fabrics will continue to open our doors, provide fabric, education, laughter, successes and even some frustration and failure to hopefully a wider audience than we have ever reached before.  We work to communicate in new channels and ways our Aloha from Kauai.  From all of us to all of you.  Have a wonderful New Year.

A huge congratulations to our 2020 Botanical Park Block of the Month quilters! A whole year of hard work and determination mixed in with a whole lot of fun!
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