Manifesting And Feng Shui

People often ask me why do feng shui? For me, feng shui is an important component and often-neglected aspect of holistic living. If your environment does not match your current life situation, the healthy practices you employ may not be as effective and can inhibit you from being your personal best.

Feng Shui can also assists in creating your life with intention . By creating an environment that visually and energetically matches who you are and where you are going, the likelihood of sustaining or creating your vision increases substantially. 

Identify Your Goals
Take the time to delve into this area. Find a place that allows for a short time of quiet and introspection and take notes. For example, is it your desire to be in a relationship, find a new job, start a family, or take better care of yourself? 

Use Physical Objects to Represent Your Goals
One way to do this is to make a personal collage depicting words, ideas, photos, symbols, colors and attributes of your intention. Mindfully gathering and/or purchasing items that symbolize what you'd like to accomplish adds more energy to your ideas.

Energize Your Goals in a Specific Location  
Find a ‘power’ spot or a very visible location to create a manifestation ‘altar.’ Place the meaningful objects you've gathered,  a collage you may have created, spiritual symbols, photos, candles, etc for your altar. For example, if your desire is to take good physical care of yourself, you may create a collage that physically represents this vision. A health ‘altar’ may also hold a healthy plant, some natural beeswax candles, a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables and be arranged on a nice cloth or placemat. Perhaps the power spot is the kitchen table. You get the idea.

Visualize Your Desire Coming True
Visit your power spot regularly and imagine yourself manifesting your dream. See yourself experiencing your goals in as much detail as possible. Visualize how you feel, who you're with, where you're located, what you're smelling, and sensing. Offer gratitude as if you’ve already created your desires. Then…

Let It Go
You may wish to do this practice for a few days or even a few weeks. At some point you will sense it is time to stop and let ‘nature’ take its course. Surrender to your higher source of power and trust the perfect solution will take shape. Detach from the actual outcome and be open to many possibilities. This step is critical because trying too hard can actually repel your desires. For me, this is the most difficult step. This step requires trust, patience and openness to accept results that you may not have been expected. It requires acceptance that whatever happens is perfect.

In summary, you may choose to use feng shui and your environment to consciously create what you deserve in life. Be clear and spend quality time with yourself to identify the goal. Once you are clear about your intentions, create a physical representation of your desire. Use your intuition to find a ‘power spot’ to showcase your objectives. Spend a few minutes each day at your ‘power spot’ and imagine the intended outcome with feelings, images, sensations and any other practice that works for you. When the time is right, let it all go.
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