At the end of last year, I posted this on Facebook: Dear 2013: don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!!!! It was meant to be funny and had more activity than my typical posts. I'm guessing many of my friends could relate to my sentiments. 2013 was a tough year for many people. What I love about the start of the new year is the focus on creating something new. After last year, I'm all for that! With that in mind, remember to make adjustments in your space while incorporating new behaviors. If your space is not aligned with your goals, it will be much more difficult to manifest them. Here are tips to create better flow in your physical environment, which assists in creating better flow in your life.
  • Make sure doors and drawers open completely, are in good repair and are used.
  • Remove congestion created by objects, furnishings and clutter in hallways, walkways and doorways.
  • Address overgrown bushes, trees, and vegetation (season permitting). Keep walkways clear of snow and ice.
  • Purge the unused items in your basement, attic, and garage.
  • Keep your indoor walkways 36" wide.
  • Remove furnishings from overcrowded rooms.
  • Donate clothes, shoes and accessories that are out of date or don't fit.
  • Donate unused electronics and toys.
  • Delete inactive social media accounts, old electronic files and unused apps on your phone.
  • If it's broken, fix it or get rid of it.
If you live in the Detroit area and would like assistance addressing the above bullet points, please let me know. I have special rates for this type of service.

May your 2014 be prosperous and filled with joy and health!


Got flow? If not, ask me how I can assist you!

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