As spring approaches each year, I regularly feel an urge to purge household items we no longer use. This week I loaded up the front porch for a donation to a non profit. When the items were gone, I literally felt a sense of lightness. This lightness is a welcome change after the heaviness of this year's winter. The energy of spring brings a livelier chi which is a great time of year to make room for the new, tackle those nagging projects that need completion or resolution, and let go of all things that no longer serve.


“In the end
these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?”
Gautama Buddha

Feng Shui Tip

The number one obstacle to vibrant chi is clutter. In feng shui, clutter has an expanded definition. Clutter is defined as things you don't use, things you don't love, too much stuff in the size of the space, visual disarray and things that are broken or need to be fixed.

Use the element of wood, which is related to spring, to start those projects you'd like to get off the ground. Now's the time to tackle a difficult purging process and address procrastination. It's also a good time to launch something new, like a new job, a relocation, a new relationship, etc.

Inner Feng Shui Tips

What kind of clutter fills your thoughts? Do you spend too much time thinking about things that don't really matter or on things you can't really change? How can you hear what's really important if there's so much static in your head? One of the best ways to deal with mental clutter, is to spend some time in nature. Sitting on a chair listening to birds, taking a walk in the park, hugging a tree (for real!), etc. are all very cathartic and grounding.

Got flow? If not, ask me how I can assist you!

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