Isn't that the million dollar question...

Who are you? That's what a friend of mine from high school asked me after I got an unexpected tattoo (first one) and told her I've always wanted a Harley Davidson Sportster. She was quite shocked, I started laughing and yet our exchange was very revealing. It raises a great question. How will others really know us if we don't know ourselves? Being super clear about who we are is very important. From that place of clarity, we begin to make our dreams come true.


"If you don't know where you are going, you might end up someplace else." --Yogi Berra

Outer Feng Shui Tip

Sometimes the easiest way to make change in your life is to eliminate things that don't represent who you are now. Begin removing objects, symbols, art, clothing, furnishings, colors, etc. in your space that symbolize who you are not. For example, when I left Corporate America in the early 90's (has it really been that long?!), I had a closet full of suits. In the old days, we dressed up for work! Since I had no intention of ever going back into the business world, I needed to give away all my suits to make room for my new life. It was very difficult to do as I spent a lot of money on those clothes. However, keeping them symbolized hanging on to the past. And we know how that goes.

Hanging on to the past prevents the future from showing up. As you begin removing things you are not, start creating a space as if you're already where you want to be, or what I call "as if." This may look like an art studio if you're a budding artist, a yoga sanctuary if you're embracing yoga, a master bedroom that "looks like" you're in a relationship, a kitchen full of healthy food, a home office that oozes abundance, etc. You get my drift...


Inner Feng Shui Tip

How do you define success? Is it how you feel, what you're doing, how others perceive you, how much money you make, where you live? For me, success is an internal process. I am successful when I experience joy, peace, fulfillment, vitality and inspiration on a regular basis. The rest of it is just window dressing. Knowing who you are and how you define success is important when moving toward what you really want in life. And guess what, you're worth making that kind of investment in yourself. So do it!

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