Love is in the air....

In the US, there's a lot of emphasis on romantic love this time of year. Having been married for 30 years, I found the information in The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman very helpful. In his book, Gary describes five different ways you express your love and feel loved by your partner. He calls this your "love language." Knowing yours and your partner's love language is essential to understanding each other. For example, my love language is "gifts of service." My husband could buy me all the diamonds in the world yet I will feel really loved by him when he spends $6 and gets my car washed. Since my love language is "gifts of service," I offer gifts of service to demonstrate my love, however, my husband's love language is "words of affirmation." This means I could break my back (note: extreme exaggeration!!!) doing acts of service, and what he'll notice more are words like, "Thank you for taking out the garbage." I encourage you to learn your love language so you can communicate your needs to your partner! It's win, win all around.


"Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you." --Walter Winchell

Outer Feng Shui Tip

The master bedroom is dedicated to romantic love, rest and rejuvenation. In feng shui, the bed is ideally located in the command position. For a master bedroom in particular, there are dual nightstands with plenty of room on each side of the bed.  Because bedrooms are yin energy, televisions, computers, exercise equipment, etc. are not a harmonious match. Yin elements are quiet, dark, textural, sensual, and nurturing. One of the most important elements in any bedroom is what you see directly across the bed. This is the last thing you see every night and the first thing you see when you wake up. Be sure to make this "view" spectacular.


Inner Feng Shui Tip

Cultivating a love relationship with you is the best way to have one with another. The first thing to do is begin eliminating negative self-talk. Do you put yourself down? Do you say negative things about your body, aspirations, talents, personality?  Make a commitment to catch your thoughts, words and actions that express negativity toward you. Become more mindful of these thoughts and when you do, pause and reframe. Make sense?

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