I've spent a long time discounting the inner whispers of my heart, my intuition and my gut instincts. As you may imagine, it has not served me well! When I've allowed my mind to override the wisdom of my body, I've ended up frustrated and in the midst of unnecessary drama. In addition, I've wasted my time and that of others. Granted, it's difficult to listen to the guidance of our body compass because it's "voice" is often very quiet. To access our inner knowings, we must find that quiet and still place.


Your inner knowing is your only true compass. ~ Joy Page

Feng Shui Tip

As we move toward the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, we enter into the most yin time of year. Take advantage of this yin season to become quieter and reflect inward. Yin behaviors like meditation, prayer, stillness, and quietude are all ways to hear the whispers of the body compass. In addition, dedicate a special place in your home to be still and reflective using yin elements.

Inner Feng Shui Tips

Experiment using your inner knowing, your gut instincts, and your intuition to make your choices. Notice when you do this if your mind barges in and attempts to take over the decision making for you. It is common for mind chat to rear it's ugly head with shoulda, coulda, woulda dialogue. See if you can let your mind chat away without influencing your choice. Good luck!!

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