A desk purchase for my husband's office triggered a chain reaction of changes in our home. It led to a round table coming back into my office, which led to moving the bookcase to make room, which inspired me to completely rearrange the living room furniture, which led to ... Over the period of a week, five rooms in our home were changed significantly. At the same time, instead of dismantling our outside front fountain, I added a heating element to keep the water flowing all winter.

This past December, which is typically very slow for my business, I had the most prosperous month in 3 years! Never have I been as busy during the holiday season in the 10 years I've owned Creating Sanctuary. Coincidence you ask? Perhaps, although, I do know when we change our spaces and keep energy moving, like the fountain, chi gets a "vitamin B shot."  In the world of feng shui, making changes stirs up stuck or slow moving energy. The movement created will be reflected back to your life in some way because everything in the universe is connected, especially your personal space.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Nes Myhre


"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." --William Morris

Feng Shui Tip

On old Chinese proverb says, "If you want change in your life, move 27 things in your home." Simple as that!

Inner Feng Shui Tip

Consider letting go of relationships that are not inspiring, motivating, supportive and helpful. Doing this will move chi like nobody's business!

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