Nothing is neutral & there's nowhere to hide.

In our spaces and in our lives, everything is relevant. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, objects, possessions and even our environments are either enhancing our well-being or detracting from it. The feng shui perspective is everything is alive and impacts our energy fields. As humans, we have little access to our conscious minds in our daily existence. It's our body's mechanism to allow us to be functional. This is "good" and "bad." The upside is we're not bombarded with billions of conscious thoughts about mundane choices. The down side is we can miss really important cues in life.

Because most of our thoughts are unconscious, our spaces become an important communication tool. We will create physical environments that represent our conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. For example, I did bio energetics for many years for the purpose of personal development. During this time, I became aware of being energetically disconnected from my arms at my shoulders. Also at the time, I worked as an artist & made soft sculptures of figures without arms. I also collected art of figures that had no arms. As soon as I made this connection, I purged all my "handicapped" art and redesigned my work. My space was communicating an unconscious message to me!

What unconscious messages are emanating from your space?


"Science is saying that everything that vibrates possesses intelligence & everything vibrates & there's a central intelligence everything vibrates to." -Lynne McTaggart

Outer Feng Shui Tip

Here's an exercise to become more aware of your physical surroundings. Choose a room where you spend a great deal of time. Use two packs of post it notes in different colors. With your favorite color, put a post it note on everything in the room you like. With another color, post a note on everything that's blah or you don't like. Once you're done, step back and inventory this space. Is it filled with things you love? With colors that are inspiring? With objects in good working order? With uplifting messages, art or photos?

If your environment is filled with things you love, congratulations! You've created a space that enhances your well-being. If not, you know what to do.

Inner Feng Shui Tip

One of the ways to bring more awareness about yourself is pay attention to the words you use to communicate with others. Words like should, could, try, hope, help, maybe, wish, etc. do not empower or convey commitment. Notice how abundant these words are used in everyday communication. It cracks me up to hear one of my friends day, "Did you just should on me?" Check out this post to learn more about the language of success and empowering yourself through the words you use to communicate to others.

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