Be mindful of what you ask for!

There is a lot of hub bub this time of year about resolutions and with good reason. It's great to designate a specific time of year to make changes for ourselves. Recently, I've started each new year with intentions of expanding my personal growth. It's not even two weeks into the new year and I've been called to task on these intentions. (Check out my blog post to see my intentions.) Is it painful & uncomfortable? Hell, yes. Yet I am willing to do it because I'm clear about cultivating a life filled with joy, peace of mind, health, fulfillment and inspiration. These are the attributes I most cherish in my life and strive to experience all of them with some regularity.

Is it doable? Yes it is. Why? Because we believe it to be so.


"What we think, we become" --Buddha

Outer Feng Shui Tip

Rearrange one room in your home to symbolize seeing a different perspective to a challenging problem.  For example, if you've struggled getting new business, rearrange your office and get rid of old files. Next bring in symbols that represent new business.  This may  be a crystal, an image of your ideal client, a new piece of "expensive" art, etc.
Here's another example: If your intention is to enter into a new romantic relationship, change your master bedroom to include your future partner. You may add another side table with a lamp next to the bed, make some room in your closet or dresser, hang a piece of art that depicts a romantic couple, etc. Or perhaps you wish to cultivate healthier living. In your kitchen purge unhealthy food, rearrange your pantry & cupboards, add some new towels and/or a rug, buy a small juicer, etc.

The point here is to make physical change in your space that will anchor your new year's resolutions. To really bring it all home, find the center of your home (or as close to it as possible) and display fresh flowers with your intentions written down.

And don't just follow my suggestions, come up with your own brilliant way to make some feng shui changes.


Inner Feng Shui Tip

Reframe the sabotaging thoughts that creep into your lives (continuously if you're like me!) which make new resolutions difficult to achieve. Instead of thinking "my thighs are fat," focus on something you love about yourself like "I love my blue eyes." Replace angry thoughts toward someone, "So & so is so selfish" as an opportunity to learn something true about yourself "I can sometimes be selfish." (It's ALL projection you know!) Switch the thought "My job is not very satisfying" to "My job assists me in being patient in finding something more fulfilling." Reframe your stories (yes, that's what they are) to glasses half full instead of ones half empty. Your soul will thank you for it and probably your loved ones too!


Do you have a feng shui question? Ask away......


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