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Land of Gold film clip is finally out and its really damn good. Yes, I am a little bit up-myself about it, but the team we worked with did such a great job and 'Mr Happy Beans' the kelpie is such a star, that its really the only option. So I am blowing its trumpet REALLY LOUD and CLEAR. Huge thanks to the COUNTRY MUSIC CHANNEL for premiering it and also making it COUNTRY PICK OF THE WEEK this week on CMC! Click the image below to check it out!

We filmed it near and in the great little town of Weethalle which is in the Bland shire (yep!) and about 55km West of West Wyalong in Western NSW. It was abtou 20minutes from where I grew up on a farm and just down the road from Tallimba (where we shot our first clip SOAPBOX)

Huge thanks to our KICKASS team who put up with the 44 degree celcius heat to make it happen:

DOP - Sam Brumby
Director - Anna Phillips 
Kelpie - Mr Happy Beans or 'Hap'
Drone Pilot - Andy Mammers
Producers - Dan and myself
Dog wrangler and all round helper - David (Papa) Lumsden
Support - Lucy Lumsden, Meg Hardie and Sue and Torry Young.
Location - Eurobonny, Weethalle, Ag n vet Weethalle 

Also shout out to THE YOUNGS for hosting us and the MCCARTONS for lending us 'Snowy; the Toyota HJ47. Below are a couple of behind the scene shots taken by Dan Stanley Freeman - check out the whole album HERE.

Excited to be nominated for our first ever award! Its a FAN VOTED thing so to help us out click the image above, click on my face and then 'CAST your VOTE'. You can vote once per email per day until the 28th of February... I think you win things as well - like kittens, beer and tickets to the SOLD OUT CMC Rocks! 
Other things to brag about
- Moving to the Country - yep we are eating A LOT of Peaches. Its great, we are now surrounded by horses, cows and get woken up by cockies screaching instead of car tyres screeching. LIving the dream. 

- Went to TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL: Played some stellar shows including opening for my favourite - Sara Storer! We even did a duet together it was lovely. I nearly weed my pants in excitement. She has a new album coming out soon so keep an eye out for that. Check it out here. 

Also got to present an award at the CMAA Golden Guitar Awards with... PAUL KELLY! We had a beer together after. What a gentleman. 
Ate a lot of food, didn't get much sleep and walked the red carpet like a... pro. (thanks Bill for the snap). 

- Other things that are new include our UNDER OUR HILLS HOIST tour that we are doing at the moment. We are playing in peoples backyards/paddocks/loungerooms and having a genuinely large time. If you want to host one GET IN TOUCH NOW VIA 
Below is an example! 

- Also we are planning a couple of REALLY FUN TOURS this year and want you all to be apart of them so keep tuned in to find out more! 

- DAN STANLEY FREEMAN who designs all our things and takes all our photos is now working full time as a Freelance Graphic Designer. He is really good. You should book him to do things for you. Email him on

Anyway keep in touch via our social pages and lets chat soon. Thanks for the support my friends. It means a bloody lot and helps us keep eating and fueling the car. xx
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