Join other developmental education faculty from across the country for a national conversation about making dev ed the best it can be.
Join us for the first National Jam on Teaching Developmental Education!  From February 16th-February 19th, developmental education faculty from across the country will converge online to discuss specific pedagogic issues relating to developmental education as part of Global Skills for College Completion (GSCC).

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What is a Jam?  A jam is an online exchange, and like jamming in music, it is about riffing on themes.  A group of people 'speak' together using written posts about a subject of importance to them, and the discussion is actively facilitated to deepen the exchange.  One of the advantages of the Jam is that it is asynchronous, so that participants can come and go as their schedules permit--reading and commenting when they can.

The Jam Agenda: The Jam will take place from February 16, 3:00 pm EST to February 19, 3:00 pm EST, and each day there will be several discussion threads.  Each thread will be launched by a GSCC faculty member and will focus on an element of the emerging GSCC developmental education pedagogy.  The conversation becomes interesting as participants 'riff' on the topic, adding their own comments, questions and experiences.

The GSCC mantra is Generate, Synthesize, Curate, Communicate. The intention of the Jam is to engage hundreds of faculty in learning about, experiencing, and contributing to a new approach to developmental education pedagogy.

There is no cost to register, and you don't need to be a computer genius to participate.

Join the conversation: REGISTER NOW!

For additional information and updates about the Jam, visit or email  Also, please feel free to forward this email and invite your colleagues.

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The GSCC Team

GSCC is a national project devoted to harnessing the experience of community college faculty and the power of social media to dramatically boost the pass rates of basic skills students, potentially allowing graduation rates in U.S. colleges to soar. It is a 28-month project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a grant to the League for Innovation in Community College in partnership with Knowledge in the Public Interest and LaGuardia Community College , as part of its post-secondary education investment in doubling the number of young adults in the U.S. with a post-secondary credential by 2020.
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