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Happy Summer (almost)!  So far the meteorologists are predicting good weather for the Beacon Hill Art Walk on Sunday, June 2 - that's real soon!  I've applied for a few other fairs in Boston, but they're in late July through August.   So, in this Newsletter ...

1.  My location and plans for the Beacon Hill Art Walk. 
2.  A chance to purchase some of the smaller items before the art walk, at the lowered fair price.  The little things sell pretty fast, so my newsletter folks deserve a first look.  What are ACEOS?  That's in here too.
3.  An Abstract Artists Group of New England show in NH
4.  The big annual Abstract Artists group of New England show up in Newburyport
5.  Salem!  A viewer's choice exhibit at the Salem Artists Association (near Town Hall and the Museum)
6.  A reminder - The Unbound visual Arts Members group show in Allston closes at the end of June. (external website links)
7.   New Work!  "Tesselation Waltz" a very detailed 14 h x 11 w inch freehand ink drawing, and "Line Forest" a detailed and very affordable 4h x 6 w inch freehand ink drawing 

1.  Beacon Hill Art Walk -

Sunday from noon to 6, June 2.  The location is up and down Beacon Hill.  I will be at location 6E on Primus Street, in a little part shaded courtyard.  If the weather report continues to predict a dry day, I'll be bringing mounted original works on paper.  I don't bring these out often, and they are very affordable.  Some of the ACEOs and smaller items are listed near the end of the newsletter, with Paypal purchasing right from the newsletter. 

2.  ACEO's Available

$15 tiny originals that you can purchase right from the newsletter.

Skip right to the ACEOs and purchasing buttons here.

I have roughly 20 ACEOs ready for the Art Walk and other summer shows.  I'm waiting to hear back on two art fairs in Boston as well, one at Fanueil Hall and the other in the North End.  Newsletter peeps can purchase any unframed ACEO works on paper for $15 each.  These are the originals, not prints.  This price is good for Newsletter purchases through June.

Please remember that I will be bringing ACEOs and little drawings to high traffic outdoor events around town.  The little inexpensive things do sell quickly, so if you can't act fast you may want to shoot me an email to check availability. 

ACEO stands for "Art Cards Editions Originals".  They are also sometimes called "Art Cards"or Artist Trading Cards".  Each ACEO is a tiny miniature artwork, 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  Artists sometimes use them as easy and inexpensive ways to trade techniques and as style samples.  They're also a nice way to have some pieces that are affordably priced and that aren't going to eat the living room.  

In the abbreviation ACEO, "Editions" refers to hand pulled art printmaking editions.  "Originals" means exactly that - the one and only originals.  I have seen people selling giclee reproductions as ACEOs  It strikes me as poor form to sell repros in a format that was developed especially to provide affordably priced originals.  Mine are originals. 

Caveat emptor if you go ACEO hunting online - check the fine print.   There is a listing of available ACEOs along with PayPal functionality below.

3.  “Shape, Line, and Color”

June 29 to September 27 at both the original Amesbury Provident Bank and a smaller Amesbury branch.
This is an exhibit organized by AAGNE artists Barbara London and Ethel Hills, with a subset of the AAGNE group participating.  The exhibit will be up for a number of weeks and access is, well,Banker's hours.  I will be exhibiting Beach Houses and Stairway to never, two older oil paintings from my Surrealist/Abstract Expressionist period.

Beach houses, 28 h x 22 w inches, oil on canvas, around 2001

4.  “Eye On Abstraction”

Abstract Artists Group of New England Exhibition

June 26 – July 8

Reception June 29, 7-9 PM

Newburyport Art Association, both floors

65 Water Street, Newburyport, MA

Gallery hours: M-Sa 11AM-5 PM, Su 1Pm – 5 PM

The Press Release and preview images are on the AAGNE website and repeated on The Nerdly painter, where there is also a place where you can download the info in pdf format. 

I plan to exhibit some large "Reinvented Landscape" paintings, "Canopy", "Rhapsody on the Sea", and one that I've just completed "Vertical Space" (no photo on the last one yet).
"Canopy" 54 x 48 inches, acrylic with mica flakes and dry media on canvas, 2013

Rhapsody on the Sea, 36 x 48 inches, acrylic, ink and dry media on canvas, 2012




5.  Viewer's Choice in Salem

I have two ink drawings at the Viewer's Choice Art Exhibit, hosted by the Salem Arts Association.   

May 23–June 30.

Reception: Saturday, June 8, 4–6 p.m.

 Location: Artists' Row, 24 New Derby St., Salem MA

"Variation on a Cayley Tree" and Evolutionary Tree" are both in the exhibit

Variation on a Cayley Tree


Available ACEOs

Drawings (originals, 1 of each)
1. Eukaryotic $15.00 USD2. Alien Biota $15.00 USD3. Plumbers nightmare $15.00 USD4. Cilia Celebration $15.00 USD5. Bluffs $15.00 USD6. The Window $15.00 USD7. Basal $15.00 USD8. Pixel Factory $15.00 USD9. Tree Spirit $15.00 USD10. Tiny Treeish Notions $15.00 USD

1.  Eukaryotic                                                2.  Alien Biota

3.  Plumber's nightmare                         4.  Cilia Celebration

5.  Bluffs                                                    

6.  The Window

7.  Basal                                                

  8.  Pixel Factory

9.  Tree Spirit                                                        

10.  Tiny Treeish notions

Drawings (originals, 1 of each)
11. Inner Islands $15.00 USD12. OOOoool $15.00 USD13. Tree Pattern $15.00 USD14. Small DNA Tree $15.00 USD15. Incompatible tech $15.00 USD16. Gone Fishing $15.00 USD17. Bouquet $15.00 USD18. the Extravert $15.00 USD19. Curly girl $15.00 USD20. You Don't Say! $15.00 USD

11.   Inner Islands                                                                  12. OOOoool

13.  Tree Pattern                                 14.  Small DNA Tree

15.  Incompatible technologies        16.  Gone Fishing

17.  Bouquet                                         18.  the Extravert

19.  Curly Girl                                        20.  You Don't Say!    

7.  New Work

Muscularity, ink and archival art marker on paper,  14 h x 11 w inches
Tesselation Waltz, ink and archival art marker on paper, 14 h x 11 w inches
Copyright © 2013 Regina Valluzzi, the Nerdly Painter, All rights reserved.
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