Welcome new list members! There's a big multi-artist exhibit of abstract 2-D art and sculpture up in Newburyport - opening June 25, another one in Amesbury NH opening June 29.  Woo hoo!

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Late June through July

"What goes on in abstract art is the proclaiming of aesthetic principles..."

Hans Hofmann

Techno Cool, Acrylic on panel, 16 x 20 inches, June 2013, $250.00

And here we are.  Summer.

It's been an eventful year, and the crazy Spring weather has had people asking whether summer would ever come.  Well it's officially here.  You can't get much more summer than late June, ready to tip over into July.  The local summer art show season is starting to rock, or at least boogie a bit, and there are two simultaneous group exhibits being organized by the AAGNE group (The Abstract Artists Group of New England).  Given the activity, an insightful quote about abstract art seemed like a good way to start the newsletter.

I have some new work too.  I've been challenging myself to paint 40 panels by the end of June, using acrylic.  Since I know how much my monthly output of work needs to be worth, if I can paint a lot of paintings, I can sell each for less than usual.  So if I reach my goal, we'll have a nice introductory sale on the newsletter and then social media.  Wish me luck.  New paintings from the crazy whirlwind of activity are below, skip there by clicking here.  I still have a few ACEOs left.  You can skip directly to the remaining ACEOs by clicking here (just email me if you want one).  Vertical Space is also pretty much finished.  It's a tall mixed media "tree of life" work, below (scroll or skip by clicking here).

On my blog/webpage you'll find that many of the portfolio sections have been fleshed out.  I've been working hard at adding descriptions for the pieces and linking them to the portfolio sections.  Still not perfect, but I think much better (suggestions are welcome).

There are some art shows coming up in the second half of June. 
1.  A Pop Up show this weekend (Saturday).  it's at the Foundry in Cambridge, and the invite is through Facebook here.  You don't need an invite to show up. 

The Foundry Works Building, 101 Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA11:00am until 3:00pm
I will be bringing 3 pieces from my "Fluid Dynamics" series

2.  The Abstract Artists group Annual Exhibit in Newburyport, MA.  65 Water Street.  the show will be up by June 27, the opening reception is the evening of the 29th, 7-9 PM with live music by Barbara London and Rick Cress.  There is more info on the exhibit and opening here and here, a preview of some artists works here, and a preview of my large pieces premiering at the opening here (links will open in your browser). 

3.  There is a longer running exhibit in NH at the Provident bank and annex in Amesbury.  “Shape, Line, and Color” will be from June 29 to September 27 at both the original Amesbury Provident Bank and a smaller Amesbury branch.  I will have two pieces in the Exhibit, "Beach Houses" and "Stairway to Never"

4.  The Unbound Visual Art Group show at the Harvard Allston Education Portal has been extended through the end of the summer.  It's right across the bridge from harvard Square, near the stadium.  There is a concurrent show of largish works by local sculptors that is also worth seeing.  The info is here.  Fridays from 3 to 7 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m, Harvard Allston Education Portal on North Harvard Street

ACEOs remaining (or find the list on the blog, here)

Polymerization model                                           Iris Waves

polymer modeliris waves



Suddenly                                                                               Polymerization Fantasy

suddenlypolymerization fantasy

The Forest for the Trees (SOLD)

birch inspired patterned landscape

You Don’t Say                            OOOoool                            Aquanautic

link to giclee                            link to giclee                       link to giclee

you dont say oool art card aquanautic

Pixel Factory                                                  Tree Spirit (SOLD)

link to giclee                                                 link to giclee   

pixel factory tree spririt

Inner Islands                                                            The Window

link to giclee                                                              link to giclee 

inner islands art cardThe window

Plumbers nightmare                  Hypnosis for Honeybees          Mod Ala Mode

link to giclee                                         link to giclee                       link to giclee

plumbers nightmarehypnosis for beesmod ala mode

Square Passage                                    Triangulila                 The Anchor

link to giclee                                  link to giclee                       link to giclee

square passagetriangulilathe anchor

Basal                                                           Bluffs


Paintings from the crazy paint whirlwind experiment

Techno Cool

16 h x 20 w inches, acrylic on panel  $250



A blue centered abstract painting using rhythmic arrangements of shapes and techie electronic circuit patterns to suggest music. Cool techno music that creates a feeling of space.

Painted using a combination of tape masking (hard edge) and free hand brushwork techniques

Elements of harmony

16 x 20 inches, acrylic on panel  $300

elements of harmony


Large geometric shapes painted using a hard-edge masking technique are loosely connected by much smaller free hand painted geometries.  This hierarchical patterned rhythmic arrangement resembles the hierarchies of musical harmony.  Chords and counterpoint have a note by note, beat by beat order, but harmonies also progress through phrases, and harmony and key define larger sections of music as well.

The parallels and differences between music, organized temporally, and spatially organized art have always fascinated me.  In one case, motifs and patterns bear repetition and evolve smoothly, so that they linger in the hearer’s memory and help the mind sort and comprehend the music.  In the other movement is created by loosely guiding the eye, and pattern and repetition can prolong and enhance the viewing experience.

Find me at the Nerdly Painter website/blog online or

Find me on Facebook; the Nerdly Painter Facebook page features my abstract and science inspired work.  My other Page “Dreaming Between the Lines” features my more Representational and mainline expressionist work.

For giclees check out my work on Fine Art America ( , and look in the “galleries” with high resolution images for prints.


An Acoustic Perspective

16 x 20 inches, acrylic on panel     $250

An Acoustic Perspective


A musical arrangement of shapes and objects suggesting musical rhythms and the warm acoustic properties of wood. Shapes and patterned details borrowed from machinery and circuitry play on the idea of acoustics as a science and technology (I learned Bessel functions as a Music Major)

Variation in Red Minor

Variation in Red minor

A red abstract painting, using rhythmic arrangements of geometry, suggesting music in a minor key  Acrylic on panel, 12 x 12 inches, $100

Rhythm in Blue
rhythm in blue

Acrylic on panel, 12 × 12 inches  $150
Patterns of blue shapes and geometry create a cool rhythmic landscape, suggesting musical sound. Lines fracture the planarity of the piece, improvising melodies and rhythms on top of the basic structure.

Meandering Melody

winding melody

Acrylic on panel, 12 x 16 inches, $200
Triangles tesselate loosely to suggest patterned and interacting groupings of 3, a 3/4 rhythm, a three step, perhaps a waltz.  On top of the rhythmic large and small scale patterns of triangles are sinuous meandering forms that gracefully went their way through the geometry.  In the meandering curves are the hint of a long limbed graceful melody woven above the rhythmic beat and pattern of threes.

Tunneling Regime  $200
Acrylic with mica on panel, 12 × 12 original

tunneling regime

Quantum Mechanical tunneling happens when, According to Classical Mechanics there’s a barrier or wall. The energy to hop over the wall is more than is possessed by any of the particles blocked by the wall (or barrier). So in Classical Terms, those particles should be stuck on their side of the wall. In Quantum Mechanics, there’s also an Uncertainty factor, which tend to soften up Classical Walls, allowing some of the particles to leak or “tunnel” through the barrier. This idea was used to create the Scanning Tunneling Microscope, which could attain atomic resolution on atomically flat conductive samples.

Other scanning probe microscopies followed, but most of the in plane atomic resolution seen for the non-tunneling varieties has been well debunked.

In the painting “Tunneling Regime”, mica and other textural materials are used to create a granular space for the quantum tunneling particles, and the particle waves tunneling through are swirling helicoids. To be accurate, the Planck length granularity of space time is much much smaller than particles that can tunnel, and the waveforms aren’t accurate either. It is after all Art, and not a Physics illustration.



Vertical Space


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