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To see a gallery of works on exhibit with a bit of info on the work and location, head to The NerdlyPainter facebook page and check out the albums

Receptions !  Wine, Cheese, Art, etc.  (sometimes cookies)     

1.  Blue glass Cafe,
For more info and a complete artist listing, look up  the E-flyer and blurb at the AAGNE site.  There are three artists from the AAGNE group exhibiting  (prodding and arm twisting by me).  John Maciejowski and Joshua Marcus will be showing large abstract paintings, so look for them!

Upcoming and Ongoing Events
1.  Brighton Allston Heritage Society Indoor Art fair - tomorrow, Saturday, starting at noon.  Upstairs from the BAH Museum, Veronica Smith Hall, 20 Chestnut Street, Brighton Center, Boston.
2.  Blue Glass cafe - ongoing show in Copley square, Boston featuring 12 abstract and contemporary artists.  The space is a cafe in the lobby of the Hancock tower and it's HUGE with a lot of light.  I have 20 pieces there, ranging from inexpensive miniatures to ambitious large scale abstracts.  Reception Wednesday,  November 16th, 4:30 – 6:30 PM in the cafe.
3.  Portsmouth NH, 100 Market Street.  My work is in the atrium leading to the Sports club.  Seven of my larger pieces are on exhibit.  See the press release, reposted to the AAGNE site.  Kate Higley, also from the abstract group, will be exhibiting there as well, along with 14 other regional artists from three New England states.  This runs through January.
4.  2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibition of Mathematical Art at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Boston, Hynes Convention Center, January 4-7, 2012.  There is a little information posted at the conference link if you click in (or just click the link I've given you and scroll down).  A lot of the math art is pretty cool, and there's a lot of variety.  You can see the 2011 exhibit online, and my work is in a little gallery that's not yet publicly linked but viewable.  They get entries from all over the world for the exhibits - an interesting International show for anyone who enjoys math. 

Follow the in-text links to jump to a section.  New work is at the end of the letter.

Calendars for 2012, freshly configured at Redbubble.  Some specifically nerdly foci are available.  See the gallery of nerdly calendars.

The online edition of "The Quotable" art and literary magazine is out, and "Biology  of an Idea" is featured. (Image links will take you to FAA or RedBubble print pages).   Prick of the Spindle magazine (also available for Kindle) has accepted  "Listen",  "Dendritic Echoes", "Coil to Globule", "Verdant Algorithm", and "Green Functions" for publication.   Diagram has accepted "Tadpole Diagrams", "Origins of Species" and "Bingham Fluid" for publication.  To see a gallery of works accepted for publication with some sketchy notes on each, check out the Nerdly Painter on facebook, in the Albums area.

One of my newest paintings, "Density of States" placed as a finalist in the Strem sponsored Science and Art contest at the Newburyport Art Association.  There's a bit more background on Density of states the concept and the painting later in the newsletter.  It took two of my three feline assistants, hard at work, to get a decent snapshot of the painting.

The Featured Artist for November
The November newsletter Artist of the month is Elizabeth Kostojohn.  Elizabeth is based in Arlington, MA, and is a relative newcomer to the Boston area art scene.  Her background is in architecture, and she brings that structural sensibility to some of her work. 
She has an impressively broad array of techniques in play, including painting, drawing, and printmaking.   Her handmade prints may be interesting to anyone thinking about special holiday gifts.  The final stages of the printing process ensure that each print within a short run is very unique, but the printing process makes them relatively inexpensive (yet original - how cool!).  Skip to some images and learn more about Elizabeth and her work here.

Abstract and innovative art around New England
There are a few art events and galleries featuring interesting abstract and contemporary work in far-flung corners of New England.  I thought I'd share them with you, and perhaps start a monthly feature column with a round-up of events.  If you know of any events for late Decemnber through January, drop me a note at 
Two galleries in out of the way places may be worth checking out if you're in the area.  Both feature abstract art and art with a contemporary edge, yet retain a welcoming local flavor. 
13Forest Gallery is not far from Arlington Center in Arlington MA (167A MAssachusetts Avenue).  They're installing a new show, their annual "Plenty" show for the holidays.  The reception is
11/17, the Third Thursday, 7-9 pm.  13 Forest is roughly acroos the street from the Capitol Theater and from Quedabras bakery.  The gallerists have a wonderful eye for art that fits the vibe of the area: interesting, contemporary, creative and somehow classic.  Every time I discover a new favorite artist I seem to run across their work in 13 Forest soon afterwards. They have paintings and sculpture, and also wearable and functional art that is definitely fine art as well as being fine craft.  Cool stuff, and a great place for a special Christmas gift.
- The Sharpe Gallery, a new addition to scenic Kennebunk, ME.  This is a very new gallery, started by a very brave Californian who decided to not only move to snowy New England, but headed right for our Northernmost state! The Sharpe Gallery is having a wine and cheese
Christmas Prelude Reception Friday, December 2, and Saturday, December 3, 2011 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM21 Western Avenue, Kennebunk  ME 04043,  207-967-6331
- This weekend is the 10th annual 6 x6 exhibit hosted by the New Hampshire chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art.  The event will be part of the Nashua Art Walk.   Why "6x6"?  All work is done on 6" x 6" MDF panels, all $66 each. Media and style are completely open and creative.  Some lovely jewel-like paper collages by Ethel Hills will be among the works featured.
- Abstract artist and Maine resident Rhonda Mann will be exhibiting her surrealism flavored abstract paintings in Rochester NH, at the Ben Franklin Gallery , 60 Wakefield Street.  There will be an opening reception opening on Sunday, November 6, from 2-4.

Density of States and the "grails" of Chemistry
I had originally painted Density of states for a science art competition, where I placed as a finalist.  While I was working on it I had great fun gilding areas of high electron density.  I found myself thinking about chemists and Chemistry, and the "Eureka!" moments when a molecule or structure is first synthesized and verified.  

Chemistry involves an odd passion, equal parts cerebral focused intensity and a kind of goofy fun.  Then, of course there's the "Eureka!" moment, which is actually a series of small steps building to conformation - woo hoo!
I tried to capture that feeling of intellectual intensity mixed with giddiness.  Density of states is free and fun in its overall style, but there are color patterns and details that speak to concepts in Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical Physics. 
Density of states
Density of states, mixed media on linen, 36 x 36 inches 2011
The molecules themselves are gilded, and float against the backdrop like ideas forming.  The childlike style of the kekulke structures reflects the intellectual playfulness needed to make discoveries, while the patterns of dripping paint and zig zags evoke graphs, gridwork, and molecular density of states maps.  These patterns are also not-quite definite.  The individual atoms and bonds were created using heavy gel acrylic media, extruded through cake decorating nozzles.  They playfully depict some of the most difficult to synthesize and electronically complex molecules in industrial chemistry.
The interplay of suggested motifs and ideas mimics the thought processes and act of scientific discovery; veering between certainty and bafflement, solitary musing and the collegial reality check, playful experimentation and intense concentration, elation and frustration as new ideas coalesce around the realities of mounting data.  For some reason it struck me that capturing the mood of Chemical discovery should also be a little bit Disco.   Little glass beads and shiny plastic flakes were used to capture a bit of glittery dancing light.
Density of states was created using mixed media ideas that I started experimenting heavily with in "Dreams of Awakened Souls"
Elizabeth Kostojohn
Our November featured artist of the month is Elizabeth Kostojohn, an Arlington resident and local artist.  She has a strong focus on printmaking and is rapidly developing a unique and strongly abstracted style.  Her background in architecture is very present in her work which expertly melds space, structure and careful, often exquisite rendering.

protrait sketch by Elizabeth Kostojohn

In her abstracts she playfully explores and juxtaposes expressionist and gestural chaos with a sense of rhythm and pattern.  When these elements gel the effect is refreshing.

One of Elizabeth's woodblock prints
Elizabeth's willingness to try new avenues of expression and artistic production are impressive, and promise more interesting things to come.  She has a blog, "Slightly Wonky" where she documents her ongoing adventures in art.  it's updated frequently, and provides a convenient window for anyone who has ever wanted to watch a promising artist emerge - in real time.
Elizabeth exhibits in the area, and has participated in the recent Arlington Open Studios event, as well as showing her lovely and quirky woodblock prints - and award winning - prints of the Regent Theater at images of Arlington last Spring.

Elizabeth Kostojohn's Regent Theater print, made using Pronto printing, won an award at the Images of Arlington show last Spring.

New Art (Click an image or title to be taken to the RedBubble info page for that work.  Next month I hope to have direct page links to my Flash powered website).

Growth pattern    16"x16"     IPN     16"x16"  Autumn Ecology 30"x30"

Entropic Repulsions  7x10"          Capillarity and Diffusion 11x14"

New Prints
Listen Vector Field, Biology of an Idea



Sold Art  - Please let me know if you want me to hold something for you, even if it's just to give you time to decide.  
Lattice Animals, Dendritic Echoes, Barrier Islands, Sea Impression, Ahead of the Storm, Hazy Beach, Turbulence, Cephalopodia, Fishscape with Squid are all now sold.  Colleen McGrath, in NY is now handling most of my landscape and representational paintings.  Let me know if you need her contact information.

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