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Newbury Street Pop Up and some Perfect Office Gifts

November 2013

"True Art is characterized by an ireesistable urge in the creative artist."

Albert Einstein

"Along the Ridge" by Regina Valluzzi, acrylic on canvas ultra miniature handpainted original; 2 x 3 inches    $25
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Bye Bye pumpkins, Hello little lights,
I'd like to wish everyon Season's Greetings - have a great Thanksgiving Feast.  A somewhat belated Happy Hannaukah and early Merry Christmas, and best wishes for whatever holdiays you celebrate to warm the darkest days of winter.  I don't really get these newsletters out once a month like clockwork, so best wishes if you don't hear from me again until 2014 (2014!! wasn't the world supposed to end, like 13 years ago?!)

Unfortunately the Christmas shopping season seems to be steadily creeping towards Halloween.  Of course the office parties and Yankee swaps are often scheduled well before the middle of December, so sometimes people need to find little giftable items early.   Just enjoy your Thanksgiving before shopping this newsletter - I won't be able to ship anything before I return from visiting my own family this weekend anyway.  
I've been doing this for a few years now, not a lot of years, but enough to start looking at data and distinguish a trend from serendipity.  For whatever reason, original Art is hard to gift.  I think part of this is that original Art is so unique and makes such a strong statement.  So this leaves a somewhat Nerdly conundrum to crack.  What can I engineer/ create that still is a unique and "rich" token of someone's esteem, yet is still giftable?  To that end, I've been working on miniature pieces, priced and sized for situations ranging from office parties and Yankee Swaps to special coworker and good friend gifts.  I've included some images of mini canvases below, and I still have (and will be adding) ACEOs.  These are all in the $15 - $50 price range with many under $30 - perfect for the office.  Because they are small, they also don't take over somebody else's space.  They're just little day brighteners to tuck into an office, cubicle, or in the weird small nooks of a North Eastern home.  You can see the first batch of mini canvases later in the newsletter (or skip there)  Updated and new items will appear on my website here, and new unphotographed pieces will also be at my booth in the Newbury Handmade Market, a holiday popup market on Newbury Street (details here or link to the Market Homepage).
If you do visit my website, you'll see that I've given it a fresh bold new look, with the website static pages clearly separated from the blog.  Other updates are briefly listed below (or skip).  Worpress has been adding new bugs ...errrrm ..."features"... which you'll also note.  I have also been hard at work linking my website to my online shop on the Square Marketplace.  Right now interested people should just go directly to the Nerdly Painter on Square. Most of my originals are available there for secure credit card purchasing online (with a cart and everything!).  I have also found good sources for prints on paper and canvas. There are best fit standard size print options available in my Square market shop for significantly less than the big giclee PODs. (Just remember that getting a giclee made and shipped takes a week or two longer than me popping a painting into a crate - order early for gifts)
I have 3 events on the Calendar this Winter. 
  • One is the Newbury Handmade Market on Newbury Street in Boston (details below or skip; the website is here). 
  • Another is the Art Exhibit at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore in January.  There is another MIT alumnus from my living group who will have some art at the exhibit as well, Galen T. Pickett (Senior House - woo!).  Skip down for more information, check out the preview gallery online at Bridges, or see the page for the whole mathematical meeting shebang here
  • I have a major Solo exhibition coming up in February at the Remis Gallery in Byfield.  There will be an update in the January-ish newsletter.  Right now we have a title, location and dates.  The exhibit will be titled "Aesthetic Experiments".  I intend to feature Science art and experiments with mixed media (experiments with an aesthetic and experiments to build an aesthetic).  It will run from February 5, 2014 to March 7 2014, with a reception
     on Friday 2/7
    .  The Remis gallery is part of Governor's Academy in Byfield, near Newbury.
  • If you're interested in your own personal art tour, email me at rv@nerdlypainter or call 781-643-1368

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Mini Canvas paintings - perfect gifts for the office or cubicle

2x3 inches, handpainted on little stretched canvases with wooden supports.  I use a staple stapled not quite flush into the wood in back as a hanger or two staples to mount a thin hanging wire (depends on your wall hooks).  Unless you're viewing on a tiny phone, the images are probably a bit larger than the actual works.  I will be adding more - posting some online, and also bring some to the market that i haven't photographed for the website/blog.  These are $25 online, but I may offer a special discount to you guys if you stop by the Newbury Handmade Market.

Yellow Cheer                                              Flowering Hillside    

Lone Tree at Dusk                                Along the Ridge    


Red Rosy                                                   Rocky Shore

The Newbury Handmade Market - Dec 4 - 24

A group of roughly 18 - 20 local Artists and artisans have grabbed a space on the Massachusetts Avenue end of Newbury Street for a pop-up mini market, the Newbury Handmade Market.  The market is juried to feature high quality Fine art, photography, wearables, jewelry, and home goods.  It includes some craft categories that are hard to find in Fairs and markets around town, such as men's leather goods and genuinely attractive functional ceramics.  I'm as excited by the shopping possibilities as the selling possibilities.  Some items that I personally really like and find intriguing are:
These colorful spoons from Jen Erickson Art,  elegant wallets from LTHR

Onesies!  from AN Li studio              Terraria  from Chihiro Makio

And these cool amethyst soaps (yes that's soap!) from the Bower studio.  The organizer, Lara Gordon, designs some very cool jewelry and has other work for sale too (Rocked Jewelry)

I will be bringing ACEOs, miniatures, small works and a number of pieces from the summer's mad painting binge, as well as some notecards, giclees on paper and giclees on canvas.  Many of the canvas giclees have been modified with a little painting work on top.  This breaks up the even sheen of the printed canvas and makes them look and feel a lot more like textured, painted originals.  Stop by!

301 Newbury St., Boston MA  MARKET DATES: Dec 4 – 24

Mondays: 10a-9p
Tuesdays: 10a-9p
Wednesdays: 10a-9p
Thursdays: 10a-9p
Fridays: 10a-10p
Saturdays: 9:30a-10p
Sundays: 9:30a-9p

*Market closes at 3p on Christmas Eve
These are a few of the images as canvas giclees I'll have available, priced in the $50 -$125 range (10 - 14 inch sizes):
Horn Solo                                                       Green Function

Transition to Chaos

  Joint Math Meeting and ART in Baltimore this January

This will be my third year showing art at the Joint Mathematical Meeting exhibit, organized by the Bridges organization.  They do an excellent job - a model for how good juried group exhibits should be organized.  This year another MIT Senior House alumn also applied - and is also showing work.  Sooo... Woo hoo!  And congratulations to Galen T. Pickett.   I will be exhibiting my ink drawing "Variation on a Cayley Tree"  (See it in the Bridges Gallery, here)

My only beef about the math art exhibit is that there is SO MUCH digitally generated art that sometimes people lose sight of what can be done with human hands.  For example, Variation on a Cayley Tree is a hand drawn original.  When I started drawing, computers and digital printers couldn't create the level of detail and finely curved control that my hands do.  So, I'm dating myself a bit.

Galen's work is based on Origami, but is much more Contemporary, creative, and artistic than typical Origami creations.  You can see some more of his work (and maybe even own a piece or two) if you check out his online shop, here.He's exhibiting two pieces (see him in the Bridges Gallery here):
Concentric Silver Crush

and   Sunflower Array


Top                           Mini canvases               Newbury Street pop Up market   Math Art in Baltimore          Links


Top                   Mini canvases               Newbury Street pop Up market   Math Art in Baltimore           Links



Find me at the Nerdly Painter website/blog online or
In the Square Up marketplace, for secure credit card enabled shopping complete with cart and some less expensive print options

Find me on Facebook; the Nerdly Painter Facebook page features my abstract and science inspired work.  My other Page “Dreaming Between the Lines” features my more Representational and mainline expressionist work.

For giclees check out my work on Fine Art America ( , and look in the “galleries” with high resolution images for prints.

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