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  Plamen got a better job offer in Boston around 4 hours before we had to sign the paper and finalize the move to Wisconsin.  i was looking forward to getting to know Milwaukee, but dreading the corss country trip with 3 nervous housecats.  So back to something resembling normal, and back to art and art events.

1.  The Arlington Open Studios is on October 13, 14.  That's THIS WEEKEND!  I have some work coming back from other exhibits that I will bring, and we have a row of interesting artists iof you stop by.  It's on Foster Street, off Mass Avenue, near the Tibetan restaurant.

2.  The weekend after the open studios is the opening reception for "Glitz".  Glitz is a National competitive art show at the AnnMarie sculpture garden and art center, a small museum in Solomons Maryland, and a Smithsonian affiliate.  I'm heading down to Maryland to check out the Museum and sculpture garden and I'll be at the reception.

3.  My website has a very interesting interview with one of my personal favorite living abstract painters, Marlene Burns.  I think you'll enjoy reading about her work.    She has a very unique style informed by her personal experiences as an artist in the SouthWest.  She has also just finished a series of abstract paintings based on Judaism and spirituality.  I find it fascinating that her influences and message are so present and clear, yet her work is completely abstract.

4.  You can also check which items have sold recently on my website.  Here for August through September and Here for October to date.  I'm trying to keep the site coordinated and up-to-date, but these two posts are the latest info if I missed something elsewhere.  Because of the recent confusion on my end, I'm extending the not-moving-after-all sale though October 17th, for newsletter subscribers only.  The password, link and more information are at the end of the newsletter, below.

5.  Some new art too.  Of note - two more completed paintings in the "Tree of Life" series and two more that are just a tetch away from done.

New Art

Tree of Life 3

Tree of Life 5

Almost done

Moving Sale
Because the moving then not moving all happened so suddenly I'm extending the sale until the 17th of October.  I'm still on the waiting list for a decent studio space and I realized that making a little room for newer work is not a bad idea, and it seems only fair to give people a chance at the sale despite all the chaos and confusion on my end.   You can browse the images on my website here - use the password "nerdonews".  Please email me with questions if you have them.  Items 30 x 30 or smaller ship for free.  I pay the sales tax too.  Work that is excluded from free shipping is marked with a *, and does not have a paypal link (inquire about the big ones, price marked reflects local pickup). 

Regina Valluzzi
The Nerdly Painter

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