October 2011

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Closing soon:          

1.  Rising Above 9/11, curated by Carson Grant and sponsored by the West Side Arts Coalition, Broadway Mall Community Center, on the Mall at Broadway and 96th street, NYC, NY.  Closes October 2
2.  Driven to Abstraction,  University of New hampshire Law School, 2 White Street, Concord New Hampshire. There is a reception on October 14, 5-8 PM.  More Information  Closes October 29
3.  Artists in the Arboretum, Hunnewell Building Lecture Hall, Arnold Arboretum, jamaica Plain, MA, Closes October 23

Upcoming and Ongoing Events
  1. Abstract Art in the Blue Glass Cafe, 200 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA.  This is a large cafe in the lobby of the Hancock Tower, right behind Copley Square.  Reception TBA
  2. Arlington Open Studios, October 15 and 16, Arlington Center for the Arts, 41 Foster Street, Arlington MA
  3. AOS group show, selected works from artists showcased as a lead in to the Arlington Open Studios, Tufts Gallery, Arlington Center for the Arts, 41 Foster Street.  ongoing now
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Some of my drawings and paintings will be appearing in upcoming issues of three more Art and Literary small press magazines.  They are "The Quotable", Diagram" and "Oddball".  Each has a unique character and focus.  Oddball is also local - based right here in Boston.

"Vacuum Energy" won an Honorable Mention in a science-art contest in Los Alamos NM, as part of "The Next Big Idea" festival.  There were hundreds of entries.
"Biology of an Idea" a new drawing, was one of 18 drawings selected for ArtSlant's Showcase number 5, an extremely competitive juried contest online.
My work has been featured on (Paperworks Show), and in the Jamaica Plain Patch (Arboretum Show).

I've been getting more involved with the Abstract Artists Group of New England, which is a uniquely useful resource for Abstract and Experimental painters and sculptors in the North East.  Several of the AAGNE artists are showing side by side at the Blue Glass Cafe, in the Arnold Arboretum, and of course at the AAGNE organized UNH Law show "Driven to Abstraction". We've set up a Wordpress blog and Website, as well as a Facebook page.  Both feature news from the artists as well as images from AAGNE shows and external shows by AAGNE artists.
New Art

As part of the "Rising Above" show on the Upper West Side, I was asked to create a piece that reflected my feelings on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  The focus was less on the tragedy in the moment, and more on how people responded, found their ways past the event, and used the experience to become stronger as a community.  This was quite a tall order, and very difficult on a number of levels.  As an Abstract painter I had to find a way to incorporate recognizable and relevant subjects and ideas, while pushing them beyond the events of 9/11 and into the present day.  I chose to focus on themes of hope and human community - how everyday heroes help a community of people hold on to their human dignity even in the face of unimaginable events. 
Dreams of Awakened Souls
Dreams of Awakened Souls, mixed media on Primed Linen, 42 x 24 inches
The painting's title refers to a French Proverb that describes hope as "The Dream of a soul awake".  There are references to the towers and their destruction, but the focus of the piece is on the upward sweep of entwined, growing, almost living forms.  Tragedy, chaos, and the haze of confusion metamorphosize into the bright possibilities of a community that retained its soul and strong connections even through disaster. 

Ever since I was young I've heard predictions that various events, economic, social, infrastructural, would "destroy" NYC as an epicenter of American culture and growth.  It never happened.  The city reinvented itself around ever obstacle and challenge.  Looking back at what was perhaps one of the most severe challenges in NYC's history,  and then looking forward to the present day, i see that process of reinvention happening right now. 

"Dreams ..." was created using layers of acrylic paint in thin washes to create a backdrop of fluid color.  The bottom was painted using white acrylic paint mixed with a pumice media for texture.  The last acrylic washes were thicker paint, rogh mixed with diluting media or water so that lumps of paint would decorate paths down the painting.  Glass beads added texture in these washes. 
Details from "Dreams of Awakened Souls"
Once the acrylic had dried, the painting was finished in oil.  Swirling patterns in oil were added to the bottom of the painting, then diluted on the canvas using solvent to soften and loosen the lines.  Streaked washes of oil were used to enhance the acrylic background, and a "tree fo life" pattern was applied using glossy impasto medium.  A fine brush was used to pick out details, and detailed line painting helped make the transition from the bottom of the painting through to the vibrant colors above.  Finally metal foil shapes were applied near the top of the painting to carry through a square motif.  This motif starts in muted tones near the base and continues up becoming less regimented and more vital as it sweeps up the painting.  The progression of squares was intended to celebrate the lives and spirit of the victims and heroes.

Other New works Include:
Density of States,   Symmetry Breaking, Music of the Spheres (no photo yet), Eyeing G (a commission),  Mosaicity (a commission), Thick Film Birefringence (pictured below in prints), Queen of the Afternoon, Biology of an Idea (pictured Below in Prints), and a number of miniature paintings.

New Prints
Listen                                                    Vector Field
Listen   Vector Field
Biology of an Idea

Dreams of Awakened Souls  


Sold Art  - Please let me know if you want me to hold something for you, even if it's just to give you time to decide.  
Lattice Animals, Dendritic Echoes, Barrier Islands, Sea Impression, Ahead of the Storm, Hazy Beach, Turbulence, Cephalopodia, Fishscape with Squid are all now sold.  Colleen McGrath, in NY is now handling most of my landscape and representational paintings.  Let me know if you need her contact information.

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