Tips for summer, try acupuncture for chronic pain and 7 ways to spare your feet from “summer spread”
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The British summer may be unpredictable with a possible four seasons rolled into one day but when it occurs, it can be quite glorious. People become much more relaxed and everything feels golden, as if without realising it the world has become Technicolor once again.

Tips for summer

Without a doubt the summer brings along delight and is the main growing season in terms of our health. Like the trees and animals around us, our bodies are gathering energy and resources in anticipation for the dormant months later on in the year. Prepare your body properly now so that you aren't running on empty when the cooler months set in.

The problem the warmth (or dare I say it, heatwave) is that we naturally move towards cold food and drinks, but don’t overindulge in frosted glasses of beer, chilled wine or ice cream. Instead go for warm salads - instead of a hot stir fry, leave it till it cools down to room temperature. Have lots of juicy tomatoes (plum, cherry, beef, on the vine or just plain regular) that are now in season and enjoy the last of the asparagus. Beet is a great root vegetable – have it roasted, steamed, or raw with some red cabbage and red onions. Top your dishes with watercress, rocket, coriander or some spinach.
Avoid anything ice cold as it hampers digestion. Treat yourself but don’t be excessive. At the same time, avoid hot foods such as coffee and acrid, pungent spices as they are too warming. Save those for the colder months later on in the year. And no, a cold coffee frappuccino does not make it neutral, but good try! If you like the taste of liquorice, fennel tea is great.
Summer is a time of joy. Cast your mind back to the summer holidays of your childhood when times were simpler. Take a walk in the park or enjoy some al fresco eating – smile at the beauty of the lightness of the day at 9pm. In London, summer brings along a sense of calmness that you don’t often see during the rest of the year. Use this time to slow down a little and remind yourself what is great in your life.

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Acupuncture is worth a try for chronic pain

Many people around the world seek acupuncture to help for pain, especially chronic pain where medication and other forms of treatment don’t ease the pain. In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended acupuncture for the treatment of low back pain and tension-type headaches and migraines. One of acupuncture’s most attractive attribute is that its complications and adverse side effects are low compared to medication or surgery. Read more

7 ways to spare your feet from the "summer spread"

“Summer spread” refers to the widening, flattening and collapse of feet when they are not bound and closed in. Warm-weather sandals (especially those T-strap ones that are super flat) are only making things worse as they provide no support and are too flat - placing the body in an abnormal walking position that can cause long-term medical issues, including toe, knee, hip and back problems. See the slideshow for top tips on how to stop the summer spread.

Have an avocado

Hurray for avocado! With a boiled egg in the morning, on your hamburger or pizza, or just scooped with a spoon, it's a fantastic fruit. A good rule of thumb is to buy the fruit when it's firm, and let it ripen for a few days before eating. To know when the avocado is ready to eat, squeeze it lightly. It should still be somewhat firm, but with enough give that a knife could smoothly cut through it. Just keep in mind that there can be too much of a good thing. Due to the fruit's high-fat content (roughly 85% of the avocado's calories come from fat), most experts recommend consuming no more than roughly half of a whole fruit per day.


If you have been kind enough to refer someone to me – I want to say a big THANK YOU. That is the highest compliment and it’s warmly appreciated every time.


And finally...

It may have been late but hayfever season is hitting some of us with a vengeance. If you want respite from the sneezing and teary eyes, try Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray from A. Vogel. Remember to use your discount code if purchasing from the Nutri Centre (contact me if you have misplaced yours).

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