Issue 62, September 2016, London

Hello autumn!

The bank holidays have come and gone, which officially marks the end of summer in the non-astronomical calendar. Students are preparing to go back to school and us adults, well it does feel like it's time to put ourselves into a different mental gear.

I always enjoy the change of seasons and a London autumn is one of my favourite times of year. The Indian season we tend to get in September (fingers crossed!) allow a gradual shift from the blistering heat to a gentle warmth. A good sun soak in the day followed by the breeze that needs a cardigan in the evenings has got to be one of life's best rewards.

Everyone is still feeling good from the mental and physical glow of the summer and there is no hectic anticipation that other times of the year may bring. Without a curriculum schedule, it can be easy to lose that tingling feeling of a new start and what a shame that is. Make this September your new January by bringing forward your resolutions.

I highly encourage starting something new now rather than waiting till the dreary month of January. Whether it's a new nutritional plan, physical activity or a new skill - it is always more pleasant to begin something while the days are themselves more pleasant. That new activity or mental adjustment naturally becomes a part of your day when you aren't trying to fight the cold or the grumpiness that can set in around you. 

Now that the heat has eased up, make sure you continue to drink lots of water or herbal teas. The autumn season in Chinese medicine is characterised by dryness, just like the leaves on trees will soon dry up and fall. Those of you sensitive to this period will find that you will get an itchy or sore, dry throat with no cough. Moisten with a simple lemon and honey drink. For others, you may feel your skin start to feel dry and itchy - rose water will help soothe while staying gentle. This may continue later into the winter season when central heating comes on, signaling you to switch to a richer moisturiser.

There is still time to enjoy the last of the summer vegetables and salads but slowly introduce nourishing foods that are still light, such as a lovely fish soup - throw in more carrots than you think you need. If you're feeling adventurous, put in a good handful of goji berries right at the end (last five minutes) to add that little bit more of yin tonic. When you use goji berries like this in a soup, you don't have to worry about overdoing it as in an infusion. You could drink this every day if you were inclined to make it every day!

+ September checklist

+ Wellness tips for September



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Do you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Does coconut water hydrate better than water? Does drinking more water help keep your skin moist? Does coffee and tea count toward hydration? Do you need to drink before you feel thirsty? Do you need to drink eight glasses of water a day? This article answers these questions and more.

+ I wrote about the question on drinking more water back in 2011.




If you have been kind enough to refer someone to me – I want to say a big THANK YOU. That is the highest compliment and it’s warmly appreciated every time.



Reviews and views

Spotted in August:
Biteable Beauty - Cosmetic Acupuncture with Ka Hang Leoungk

"Ka Hang’s facial techniques are where holistic meets cosmetic beauty procedures. Ka Hang’s use of needles helps not only life and tighten, relax tense areas on the face but also offer relaxation on a deeper level; bringing about calmness and leaving you feeling rather Zen after treatment." Read more

London Visitor - Mirror, Mirror

"For starters, Ka Hang doesn't just focus on the needs of your face but methodically analyses your whole body to pinpoint system weaknesses so she can treat you 'in the round'." Read more


Other news: Clinic time changes

Starting in September, I will be consolidating my practice days. I will only be at:
King's Road on Tuesday, 11:00 - 19:00
Covent Garden on Wednesday, 9:00 - 17:00
This is to allow me to spend more time with Kaiyang during her toddler years. I plan on coming back to practicing acupuncture full time again but not in the immediate future.
I will do everything to accommodate you with late appointments available on Tuesdays and early appointments on Wednesdays.
Thank you for your continued support of my practice - and as always, feel free to email me with any questions or to book your appointments.

I am currently away on annual leave and my first clinic day back will be Tuesday, 13 September at King's Road. To book an appointment, please call:

And finally...

One reason many women don't use backpacks (and save themselves shoulder and arm ache) is because stylish ones are hard to find. Well, I've just recently found out about a range from Italian company Piquadro that look quite nice indeed. Have a look and thank you, Marcia, for sharing!

Ka Hang Leoungk
Managing Editor, Pointspace

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