Issue 42, January 2015, London

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Dust off the cobwebs and welcome in the New Year. Your health isn’t just about not feeling ill, it’s also about feeling well. In order to feel well, your body, mind and emotions work constantly like a thermostat fine-tuning and maintaining to make sure you have the best possible day you can with what you have.

If the holiday season allowed you to spend more time with your loved ones then make sure you keep that going. In today’s busy world it can be easy to lose touch, always putting off the important people for more “urgent” things that need to be dealt with immediately. Isn’t it strange that the person from a utilities company can take priority over a ten minute phone call with your best friend?
If the holiday season left you absolutely swamped and exhausted then make sure you set yourself some me-time. I know that for many of us, the winter months can kick in a sense of “Gosh I wish I could just hibernate, curl up and disappear for a few months” and that’s perfectly reasonable. Dark and cold days combined with so very many social events can wear down the mind and body. It’s important that you listen to how you feel, one day you may feel like running ten laps around the park, other days nothing sounds better than curling up with a cup of tea and a book.
Wherever you are on the January scale (excitement for a fresh start or it’s still the middle of winter), make sure you don’t become a complete hermit. It may seem like an oxymoron but spending time alone surrounded with people can be a lovely thing.
Go to a bookstore and browse the books. Spend an afternoon in the many fine galleries and museums. Take a walk in the park or cross the river on foot and breathe in the crispness. A friend of mine likes to go to the shops during the January sales and not buy a thing. Apparently there’s something about the manic busyness that makes her feel like being in the eye of the storm.
Whatever it is you choose to do, spend a moment completing the reflection you did during December by being grateful for another year. Plan and dream and be ready for whatever comes our way.
Have a good one!

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Is There Any Point Giving Things Up For January?

This very long article (so save it for later if you don’t have time) is from last winter but still a worthwhile read.

Bean Cassoulet

A perfect winter's meal to harness your body's strength, it brings together friends, family, community. I had no idea what a cassoulet was but this article about the heartening French classic is sublime.

Try these recipes here which also include a vegetarian version.

Simple Cold and Flu Remedy

The excitement of the holiday season finally got to me and lo and behold on Boxing Day I woke up with the sniffles and a sore throat that seemed to go all the way to my ears. Swallowing was painful and I was starting to feel miserable. 

This simple cold and flu remedy though can save the day.

Thank You

It has been amazing having all your support and kind words this year and every year. I’m grateful every day to have the privilege to be there and make a difference in your lives.

And Finally...

"New Year's Day is every man's birthday."
~ Charles Lamb (1775 – 1834)
And on that note, happy birthday Renata!

Ka Hang Leoungk
Managing Editor, Pointspace

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