Issue 59, June 2016, London

Hello summer!

I know it can seem a little hard to believe but summer is just around the corner. Whatever the weather, nature still gives a pretty good show with the colourful blooms and heady magnolias perfuming the world. Will it be a season of heat with us all seeking out the nearest fountain or will it be a time dashing about in splashing puddles? One thing is for sure, we're finally reaching the apex of the year.

In Chinese medicine summer is catergorised as a time of high yang, which classically means heatwaves and drought, thirst and prickliness. To combat this, very cooling and heat-reducing foods were often used as people ate green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, bitter melons, okra and drank copious amounts of tea: green, oolong, red, pu-erh or chrysanthemum. 

While London summers can be unpredicable, you can always guarantee that once the sun is shining, the barbecues will be heating up as well. A source of real "heaty-ness" bbq food can be very drying on the system and reduce the yin. Recover from barbecue overdose with a nice warm salad of edamame beans, salad greens, tomato and salmon. 

Mangoes with their sweet nectar can also be quite heaty so don't overindulge. Refresh with watermelon and pears, strawberries and cherries. Eat all the flavours of the rainbow! 

Summer is a time of growth and blossoming. All the energy harvested throughout the year finally has time to shine and stretch out its arms. Use the long days to exercise your body, mind and spirit.

Wake up and feel the energy whizzing through your body reaching every bone, muscle, tendon and cell. Open your eyes and really see the colours and feel the summer breeze on your cheeks. Imagine yourself as one big solar panel and soak up all the summer energy.

Meet up with friends, enjoy nature whether it's the countryside, beach holiday or your local park. Go out and smile and share the glory that is a world truly alive.

+ How to have a great summer

+ Eating well for the summer


What does a healthy gut look like?

In 2007, the National Institutes of Health began the Human Microbiome Project, an effort to energise the fledgling field of microbiome research. However the Human Microbiome Project mostly contains data of people from Europe, the US and Canada. So is science’s bias toward Western cultures helping to distort our understanding of what a normal, healthy gut should look like? 



A science journalist takes a sceptical look at capital-S Scepticism 

Scientists often cite lack of evidence for dismissing theories and concepts, and acupuncture is often used as a common ground for sceptics. It was therefore quite refreshing reading this essay by a science journalist using clear rationale to take apart what he calls "captial-S Scepticism". Thank you to fellow acupuncturist and friend Sandra Bird for first bringing this to my attention.




If you have been kind enough to refer someone to me – I want to say a big THANK YOU. That is the highest compliment and it’s warmly appreciated every time.



Reviews and views

Spotted in April:
Scents and the City - Why Have Acupuncture? Q&A with Ka Hang Leoungk 

I love talking about acupuncture and recently had the pleasure of doing this interview with Viola Levy for her amazing website. It's a Q&A about acupuncture for complete beginners so hopefully it will inspire some new people to try and benefit from Chinese medicine.

"I once read somebody being described as having "a personality like a warm bath" and Ka Hang definitely fits that description. Whether it's having a relaxed chat or lying still in comfortable silence, a visit to her is more de-stressing than any therapy session or deep tissue massage." Read more


Other news: Kaiyang is one!

Thank you all for your lovely wishes - our little one turned one last month. Hard to believe, but it's already been a year since this little girl bungee jumped into our lives!

And finally...

Watch this short video to see how different fruits and vegetables used to be.

Ka Hang Leoungk
Managing Editor, Pointspace

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