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July 19, 2011

CLC Announces New Resource: Accessing Healthcare for Children in the Child Welfare System

Over the past year, twenty-seven volunteer lawyers from Baker & McKenzie and Medtronic partnered together in a collaborative research project, which studied the laws surrounding healthcare access for children in foster care. Their efforts resulted in the publication of an incredible resource for Children’s Law Center (CLC) and other players in the child welfare system. “Accessing Healthcare for Children in the Child Welfare System” is a comprehensive Q & A that explains the process and laws surrounding healthcare coverage and requirements for Minnesota children in foster care and the child welfare system.  By breaking down their research into a Q & A format, the volunteers have created a resource that explains the complex federal mandates and Minnesota county procedures for accessing care in a clear and comprehensible way. This resource will be of great benefit to CLC volunteer attorneys who are having trouble getting their clients’ access to the healthcare services that they are entitled to by law.  

“Accessing Healthcare for Children in the Child Welfare System” is now available for download on the CLC website, so that everyone involved in navigating this complex system: foster parents, social workers, Guardian ad Litems, foster children transitioning to adulthood, and other child advocates; can benefit from it. A HUGE special Thank You to Baker & McKenzie, Medtronic, and their lawyers for this amazing resource, and for all of their hard work!

CLC Supports HELP for Separated Children Act

CLC, along with hundreds of other state and national organizations, has signed a letter of support to members of congress supporting the Humane Enforcement and Legal Protections (HELP) for Separated Children Act, legislation introduced by Senator Franken (D-MN) and Representative Woolsey (D-CA-6).

The HELP for Separated Children Act would establish nationwide protocols to ensure that parents and caregivers apprehended during immigration enforcement are identified and treated with special concern for the well-being of their minor children. They would also prevent children from unnecessary placement in foster care while their parent’s or caregiver’s immigration case is pending. Click HERE to read the Bill, Summary of the Bill, and the full Letter of Support.

Higher Education For Foster Youth

“Foster children are one of the most educationally vulnerable populations in our schools”.

Barton Allen and James Vacca, in their recent study about the negative academic effects of frequent moves on foster children assert this claim, citing that foster youth are not given equal opportunities for academic achievement and that many are not encouraged to pursue higher education. Read MORE.

Volunteer of the Month
Denise Kettelberger

Children’s Law Center (CLC) would like to congratulate Denise Kettelberger on becoming its July 2011 Volunteer of the Month! CLC staff are thrilled to recognize Denise for her many years of pro bono service to CLC, including her extensive work and dedication to her clients. Denise became a volunteer for CLC in 2006. She currently represents four CLC foster youth, and previously represented three other CLC clients as well. Remember Josephine and Valerie’s Story? Their success story is based on two siblings that Denise represented.
Denise works tirelessly for her clients.  In one case
, the death of her client’s grandparent left the client grieving and vulnerable to being placed in a non-relative foster home. The client, who was a state ward, desperately wanted to remain with family members....... Read MORE

Practice Point: Education Advocacy

Children in foster care face numerous obstacles upon entry into the child protection system.  In addition to adjusting to new living arrangements and being separated from family and friends, children in foster care often face educational instability as well.  Child advocates representing these school aged children must help them navigate their way through their various educational milestones.   Being a strong advocate for your foster care client can help ensure your client’s education success. Read MORE.


October 6, 2011
Windows on Minnesota

Mark your calendars to join CLC to celebrate its wonderful volunteers, and to support its work with foster care youth.

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