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Fall 2013 Village Silversmith Newsletter

Sunset Carnelian

Carnelian is one of the few stones to have a color named after it. Other stones to have this honor are turquoise and amethyst. Carnelian is a deep orange, rarely found in nature, except for beautiful fall foliage. The translucent quality of carnelian really softens the color and makes it vibrant without being over bearing. Carnelian is a variety of the silica mineral chalcedony colored by trace iron oxides. It's mostly mined in India and parts of the U.S. Sometimes deposits of carnelian can settle in the matrix of the chalcedony and create patterns in the stones. The more popular patterns resemble alphabetical letters, and others that are perfect crosses, known as Jerusalem Stones, seen in the photo of the ring above. 

The color orange is thought to stimulate and energize with its warming quality. Orange is known as the color of fun and sociability. It is advised to be used in activity and creative areas. Metaphysically, the stone Carnelian is a power stone, providing ambition and drive, helpful in the workplace, and beyond. It is a fire element and is said to give courage. Carnelian also helps with finding one’s personal strengths and powers by stimulating creativity and curiosity, thus leading to solid life decisions, especially relating to business. 

Recently, Village Silversmith has produced a large line of carnelian pieces. We have created numerous little jewelry gems with both faceted carnelian stones and cabochon cut stones. The faceted carnelian allows the variety of the orange tone to show with the way it catches sunlight. This line is mostly comprised of rings and pendants in the small to medium size range with really intricate and ornate settings. Because the stone is so simple and the color is what stands out, the settings can be fun and funky. Find these beautiful baubles at all of our store locations and in our Etsy store

A Gem From Beneath the Ocean Floor

Ocean Jasper

This form of jasper has consistently been a favorite in our stores, capturing peoples eyes with the unique coloring and interesting patterns. It is hard for people to believe that the orbital patterns in this stone are completely natural, and therefore make this stone extremely rare. The patterned rings are an interesting form of banding that happens because the minerals within the stone have sifted repeatedly.  The colors of Ocean Jasper vary but the most prominent colors are yellow, off white, peach, and olive green - all very unique colors to naturally find in nature. Some rare pieces include light pinks and bits of brick red.

Ocean Jasper was mined in Madagascar in the early 1900's. The stone was highly traded and sought after, eventually leading to its extinction - or so they thought. Generations later, a crew of men feverishly searched for the stone only to find it beneath the ocean floor. To this day, when the stone is being mined, the trip times are dependent on the tides.  This is a great stone to get into your collection now because of its growing rarity and its gorgeous color scheme for the fall months. This stone looks best when in is worn as the star of an outfit because of its unique pattern, but its neutral tones can compliment many colors of the season. 

Metaphysically, Ocean Jasper is said to be a great stone for the release of negative energy and stress, and to increase physical and emotional healing. Because of these healing properties, Ocean Jasper is a great gift for someone who has just gone through a large life change including loss. Whether it be the loss of a job, the loss of a home, or the loss of a loved one, Ocean Jasper will aid in replenishing positivity, causing a new enjoyment of life. Find 
Ocean Jasper earrings, rings, pendants, and loose stones in all of our store locations. Also, you can find a collection of Ocean Jasper jewelry in our Etsy store here.

The Australian Beauty


Mookite (or Mooka Jasper) gets its name after the local area that it comes from, Mooka Creek, in the Kennedy Mountain Ranges, which is about 100 miles inland from the well known coastal town of Carnarvon in Western Australia. This variety of jasper is well known for its beautiful array of colors mostly including reds and yellows. However, these reds and yellows are not the normal tones that you see in common jaspers. These reds have more of a purple hue, and the yellows are bright like the saturated primary yellow. Also, this stone can have interesting pockets with dusty pinks and creams that truly make this stone unique. 

The miners of Mookite have long been trying to find the cause of this beautiful stone and recently enough, they have found the magical mix of events. they believe that a silica rich water had permeated radiolarian, a microscopic protozoa with a hard silica shell. Over the course of billions of years of their remains were deposited as sediment in the shallow areas of ancient dried up creeks and sea beds.  When the waters receded, the remains were cemented into solid rock by that silica rich groundwater.  Minerals in the water, and other marine organisms, produced the varied coloration of Mookite.

Metaphysically, Mookite is believed to help with finishing anything that must end in order to make way for something new.  It helps to focus the mind when trying to complete a task.   Australian aborigines used it as a healing stone that gave strength and energy, b
ecause they saw Mookite as a stone of Mother Earth, containing earth energies. Because of all of these properties we at Village Silversmith believe that Mookite is the perfect gift for an expecting mother. The stone can give strength and energy that is needed during labor, while focusing the mind during the gestation of the pregnancy, avoiding 'baby brain.'

Many believe that Mookite displays the colors of the west. However, we at Village Silversmith believe that there is no other stone that represents the rainbow of colors seen in New England during fall foliage season like Mookite does. What better way to commemorate a fall foliage trip like a piece of jewelry that displays one of the biggest wonders of Mother Nature. You can find earrings, rings, pendants, and loose stones of Mookite in all of our store locations, as well as on our Etsy site here.

Healing with Amethyst Clusters


At, Village Silversmith we just stocked all of our stores with amazing Brazilian amethyst crystal clusters and single crystal points. All of these stones have great color and interesting individual shapes. Amethyst has long held notoriety because of its immense healing powers. Francesca, a sales associate at Village Silversmith is also a crystal healer and in this version of Village Silversmith Rock Talk, she teaches us all about the benefits of keeping amethyst in our homes. Click here to see Fran's video. 

Village Silversmith soon to be in Portsmouth, NH!

This fall Village Silversmith will be opening our sixth store and our second location in New Hampshire with our Portsmouth store. We are so excited to be a part of this historic city and its flourishing downtown. We will be opening our doors on Congress Street, just off of Market Square. This store will feature, as always, our one of a kind stone jewelry, silver jewelry, rocks, and fossils, with over 20 display cases. We hope to see you there, and stay tuned on our Facebook page or our new and improved website for details on our exact opening date! 
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