Spring has sprung with new stones at Village Silversmith


Apophyllite Minerals 

These interesting mineral specimens are a new feature in our store locations. These minerals are derived from volcanic rocks or vesicles. They tend to display a variety of interesting crystal clusters in natural pyramid shapes. The crystals are very prominent on these clusters and have a pearly luster to them. The color of these crystals depend on where the clusters originate from. Our line is from India and has a variety of white, tan, pink, and greenish crystals.

The healing properties of Apophyllite are said to be great. Known as energy givers, these crystals are said to help uplift sprits and bring awareness just by keeping having them in the same room. They are said to have a high vibration that will dissipate negative energy and bring a clam spiritual one. This can be particularly helpful during meditation, hence the reason many bring them into rooms during yoga or therapeutic massage. 

Find a large selection of these minerals at our store on Bearskin Neck in Rockport and in at the Northshore Mall. 

Mabe Pearls

These beautiful big semi-spherical pearls are formed over a two to six year period in the South Sea. Mabe pearls are grown attached to the wall of the mollusk, hence the semi-spherical shape. These pearls are come in a wide range of beautiful colors that span from light pinks, to bluish shades. The color brilliance and luster is impeccable for these pieces due to the unique types of nacre that these "mother shells" produce. The nacre is the fluid deposits that produces the layers on the nucleus.

Because mabe pearls can have great color, they create a unique twist on a classic, making them perfect for spring and summer weddings. We just got a great selection at all of store locations of different colored mabe pearls in intricate antique settings. Find in all of our store locations a selection of pendants, rings, and earrings in this beautiful luminescent stone.



Phosphosiderite is a stone that gets it name from its basic elements phosophorous and iron. This Argentinian stone has a pretty unusual purple tone The shades of purple are supposed to aid in reducing anger. It also helps in calming down the heightened temperament of a person and brings about a feeling of relaxed and peacefulness.

The color of this unique stone is a rarity in the stone world and it is perfect for the spring months. This tone can be worn beautifully with spring colors such as rose, creams, and tans.


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