New for fall from Village Silversmith!

Fall at Village Silversmith

means tons of new jewelry!

The cool air is coming and along with it brings the beautiful fall colors of New England. September is upon us and that means fall is approaching quickly! It also means that the birthstone for this month is Sapphire, and new to our stores is an extensive collection of natural Sapphires and Star Sapphires for all the September babies.

Also new to our collection and perfect for the season, are actual dried leaves of all different types, dried and dipped in sterling silver, 14k gold, copper, and brass. These intricate pieces are perfect for the seasons clothing colors and styles.

Lastly, we have bulked up our inventory on a stone we can never have enough of, Herkimer diamonds. These gems are actually quartz, but they display such sparkle and shine that they are thought to have characteristics of diamonds.

Herkimer Diamond Ring                         Star Sapphire Ring                           

Natural Sapphire

September's Birthstone - One Of The Hardest Stones On Earth
These blue gems are mined in many places all over the world, but ours in particular come from Thailand. Sapphire has been sought after for many years because of it's unique deep blue color and its incredible hardness. It has been used for hundreds of thousands of years as talismans for royalty.

Sapphire is a part of a large group of very strong minerals called corundum. This group includes stones such as, ruby and emerald. It scores a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it is next in line only to diamonds and a very few select other stones.

We have added to our collection a large amount of pendants in many different sizes in Sapphire. These gems are more affordable than traditional because they display inclusions within each cut. This means that the stone is less transparent, however it also means in many cases that the stone has a deeper and richer tone of blue.

Metaphysically, blue sapphire is said to aid in self-expression, assisting in communication and expressing your true beliefs. It is also said to aid in releasing energy blockages to provide better bodily strength. Therefore, this stone is said to be a great one during women's pregnancies.

To see our full collection of natural Sapphires, visit our Mall, Dock Square, and Gloucester locations.

Herkimer Diamonds

The Quartz So Impeccable Its Compared to Diamonds
Herkimer diamonds, or Herkimer quartz, is a material found mainly in Herkimer County, New York. This gem is so unique to the quartz family because of the way that it is formed. Like usual quartz crystals, this type is formed within a gas pocket of its "host" stone. In this case, Herkimer quartz is formed inside dolostone, which is found in large quantities in valleys throughout New York.

What makes this form of quartz so unique is the double termination that these crystals receive during its formation. This means that each end on the crystal is naturally pointed, rather than just having a single point and a base. This allows an immense amount of sparkle from the stone because the quartz has eighteen natural facets rather that the nine that is common.

The first discovery was by a general in the army who came across a crop of this sparkling stone and thought the quartz gems were actually diamonds. There was celebration of the riches that North America would receive because of the immense amount of these clear sparkling gems. However, after much investigation the stones were obviously found to be quartz crystal.

This stone is also known for its powerful healing properties because of the unique double pointed ends. It is said to help with clearing ones mind so that they can focus easier and connect to their surrounding better.

In our stores, we have extended our collection of Herkimer diamonds to include various rings, pendants, and beaded necklaces in all sizes and price ranges. You can find our collections at all our store locations.

Star Sapphire

Structure Can Change Everything
Believe it or not, these gems have the same mineral composition as the traditional royal blue sapphire, however the structure of the stone is very different. Each of these stones displays a star on the surface when the light hits it in a certain manner. This star is also known as an asterism.

Because of needle like inclusions throughout the stone, usually comprised of titanium dioxide, when a single light source is given overhead the underlying star shaped structure of the inner crystals is displayed on the surface. This quality and clarity of the star is usually what gives the stone its value.

The color of this stone is incredibly popular for this season. Blue is a great compliment to fall colors and the bright tone is on trend for the season. With this new collection, we now have pendants, and rings of this stone in all of our store locations.

Dipped Metal Leaves

Sterling, Gold, Copper, & Brass!
These pendants couldn't be more perfect for the season! Each unique leaf is dried, painted to increase the sturdiness, and then dipped in sterling, 14kt gold, brass, and copper. The intricacies of each leaf really shine when dipped in each metal.

We have a large line of the leaves at our store in Dock Square in Rockport. The types of leaves in our collection are a few different sizes of birch, maple leaves, evergreen, lacey oak, and cypress. Each one has its own personality and detail. We also have clovers and pinecones in this line. Find pieces at our Northshore Mall and Dock Square locations.

VS @ The Topsfield Fair!

First Time at the Fair!
Every year we do approximately twenty-five trade shows, sometimes we add a fair here and there just for fun! This year we have added the Topsfield Fair to our shows. We will be located in a retail booth behind the concert stage.

As always at the Topsfield Fair there is tons to do including carnival games and rides, listening to great music, feeding the animals, checking out the local farmers harvest, and tons of shopping. We will be showing a lot of new jewelry and mineral specimens in our booth.

The dates of the show are as follows: September 28th from 1:00P.M. - 11:00P.M. and September 29th - October 8th from 10:00A.M. - 11:00P.M.

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