A new store, Etsy, and our stone of the summer! 

VS at Hampton Beach Summer 13'

New info on our new location
We announced last newsletter that Village Silversmith will be opening its fifth location in Hampton Beach, NH. Now, we know that the opening will be the third week of June, just in time for the beautiful weather! We will be located in the new Sea Spray condominium building located at 83 Ocean Blvd. We are excited to have a corner store right in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle that Hampton Beach has to offer. We will have a unit that features tons of silver jewelry perfect for the beach life including anklets, toe rings, earrings, charm necklaces, and everything in between. Of course we will feature our collection of rocks, fossils, gallery stone jewelry, and everything else found in a VS store! What could be better than soaking ups some rays and shopping for VS jewelry all in one day?!

Plan on Partying this Summer?

Why you should wear amethyst..
At Village Silversmith, we just got a beautiful new collection of amethyst jewelry and crystal clusters. Known as the most popular purple gem stone, this beauty can come in all shades of this rich color. This stone has been a popular one since the ancient greek ages and has a funny story of how it received it's name. As greek legend has it, a beautiful young goddess named Amethystos constantly rejected the long time 'partier' god Dionysus. One night during his debauchery, he turned the goddess to quartz in a fit of rage, then immediately felt regret. In his drunken stupor, he cried tears of purple wine on to the goddess rock, staining her purple, and solidifying her future to ward against drunkenness for all of eternity. Because of the legend, many to this day wear amethyst while partying to keep them grounded while still having fun and socializing. 

Blue Flash Moonstone

June's Birthstone & So Much More 
Moonstone is one of the most popular stones that we carry in our store, and why not? It's almost magical with its flash of different colors. We think that the "blue flash” moonstone which is slightly cloudy white, with a flash of strong blue, is a perfect stone for summer. This flash occurs as a result of light dispersing on crystalline layers within the stone. This flash changes intensity depending on the light that the surface of the stone is receiving, meaning the more sunlight the better for this stone! Just because moonstone is perfectly colored for summer, doesn't make it the only reason it's perfect for the warm months ahead of us. Moonstone is also a birthstone for June, making it a great summer gift for all of the June babies! We just got a great collection of small moonstone stone pendants with beautiful intricate settings, and simple moonstone earrings in all sizes. We also carry exquisite moonstone rings, bracelets, and necklaces in all of our store locations. 

Summer Earring Staple

Nautical Knot Stud Earrings 
These earrings have received a lot of attention in our stores and we have just brought in even more styles to choose from. From antiqued detailed knots to sparkly high shine silver knots, and everything in between, there is a style and a size for everyone. This style earring has become increasingly popular in nautical areas because of what the knot means. The 'monkey's fist' knot is used, mostly by sailors, as a weight at the end of a rope to be hurled from boat to dock or from boat to boat. This knot is no easy knot to tie, it is usually done skillfully around some sort of heavy item like a rock or piece of wood. This design can be seen in jewelry, clothing, housewares, and many other accessories, as a way to think of the shore all year long.

Village Silversmith on Etsy

Find an all new collection of 

Gallery Stone Jewelry

Introducing, Village Silversmith on Etsy! Thats right, now there will be an easy way to access all of our handmade items in one location. As many of you know Village Silversmith is under going construction on our website As we have been building our inventory for the new and improved site coming this summer, we have complied a large selection of our colorful stone rings, pendants, and earrings. Now, these items are available for sale on our Etsy Site! We will be updating the site weekly with new product so make sure you keep on coming back! For the first two weeks of our Etsy store we are giving you all free shipping!! Just use the coupon code VSNEW2ETSY during checkout! 

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