Hot colors and the stones to match this Spring at VS!
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Spring is coming... 

and with Spring comes gorgeous new hues that Hollywood has already been sporting. See how we follow the new color trends with our amazing natural stones!

One of the most frustrating things, is going in to your favorite clothing stores this time of year. The stores have all switched over to spring colors and trends, however, in much of the country, the weather has not.  This just becomes another reminder of how cold it still is outside. Although, before you know it, like always, the climate will warm along with our moods and spring will have sprung. In the meantime, there is a way to jump start this mindset. We know the clothing stores are filled and the colors are impossible to resist, but honestly we’d get frost bite if we wore some of them. So, tie the spring colors in through accessories until the sun starts shining a bit brighter. And what better accessory to wear than jewelry? It's certainly our favorite.  ;)

Navy & Forest Green Paired with Malachite Azurite
Malachite Azurite
Navy and green: these colors are what our earth is made of. Maybe thats why we are so drawn to them?! Forever, these "jewel tones" will be the basis of true elegance, and staples in our wardrobes. These two tones were heavily sported on the red carpet this season, especially on star of "Gravity," Sandra Bullock. Malachite and Azurite, a natural formation of stone that features both colors, creates a gorgeous picturesque stone. Usually, the formation is reminiscent of the globe or of a aerial view over the water. This unique stone will remind you of the beautiful place where we live and will be a great compliment to spring wardrobe selections. Click here to see our selection of Malachite Azurite in our web store. Also, check out all of our store locations for this picturesque beauty. 
Shades of Mint Paired with Amazonite & Larimar
Amazonite & Larimar
Always a popular color for spring, robin's egg blue, or more recently known as "mint blue" has been seen heavily in trends this year. Just look in your favorite stores this season and this color will for sure have multiple appearances. Amazonite features this gorgeous color and is named after the reflective colors of the rain forest in the Brazilian Amazon River Valley. With gorgeous striation of teal, mint blue, and cream, this stone is most definitely and perfect pairing. For the lighter, more pastel mint blue lovers, Larimar, a beauty of a stone found exclusively in the Dominican Republic is the ideal match. Just look at this stone next to Lupita N'yong'o's Oscar dress, it's a match made in heaven! We have a large collection of both of these stones in all of our store locations. Click here to see our web store collection of Amazonite. Click here to see our web store collection of Larimar.
Pale PInk & Purple Paired with Phosphosiderite & Agate
Agate & Phosophosiderite
This is the season for Magnolia and Orchid blooms. So, why not celebrate the first blooms by wearing their cheerful colors? Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz, and Camila Alves all looked radiant while wearing shades of pale pink for their walk down the Oscars red carpet. The always striking agate from Mexico is known for its interesting banding. Agates with pale pink tones look striking against this Magnolia blossom-esque color. Click here to see our collection of pink agates. Kerry Washington sported the beautiful and popular metallic orchid color for her walk down the red carpet. Phosphosiderite, a unique gem from Chile, is a beautiful pairing for this popular tone of the season. Click here to see our online collection of Phosphosiderite. 
The many reasons to check out our many tumbled stones...
Tumbled stones are quite literally pieces of rough stones that have been tossed around for hours in a stone tumbler, until they come out smooth and shiny. So what are this pocket sized stones used for you ask? These little beauties have a few purposes besides just looking pretty. Many stones are thought to have healing properties, and the benefits vary depending on the type and the structure of the stone. The size of tumbled stones makes healing benefits perfect for relief on the go. With most at a price point of around $3.00, these stones are great for someone who wants to try stone and crystal healing by starting small. In our stores, we also feature packets of tumbled stones that all support different aspects of one goal; such as, success, relaxation, and prosperity. These little treasures also work perfectly as an aid for Reiki healing, a method of clearing the energy chakras in the body with the use of crystals and stones. Because of their great color and simple shape, tumbled stones are also used frequently in the art of wire wrapping; a type of jewelry work that used only wire to set stones for wear. In our stores we have a gigantic collection of tumbled stones which is only going to grow with new stock coming this spring. You will be able to purchase over 100 different types of tumbled stones, and along with each purchase comes a card with tons of great information on the stone. 
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Coming Soon! Village Silversmith in Newburyport, MA! 
Check out our brand new store at 34 State Street opening mid May 2014! Can't wait to see you there along with tons of new sterling and stone jewelry, rocks,  & fossils! Another beautiful seaside town to check out if you havent already! 
Coming Soon! The Grand Re-Opening of Village Silversmith in Hampton Beach, NH!
We will be back in our Hampton Beach location in the beginning of May! We are excited as you all are for the sun to make an greater appearance and of course this means it's back to the beach! We will be in the same unit, 83 Ocean Blvd. Hampton Beach, NH. Come check us and all the new summer fun jewelry and rocks out!
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