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In the multistage process of locating, accessing, extracting, processing, and distributing oil and its products, vast quantities of data are generated.  Great effort goes into solving the challenges of delivering energy in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way. Chemometrics plays a role in both the exploration side and in refining as we seek to optimize the entire oil experience.

The Data Dilemma: The use of analytical instruments in the field, in the lab or in the process is a consistent source of high-quality data. No one really cares about data; it is the turning of this data stream into useful information that is the point. All aspects of this transformation are subject to chemometric processes, from inferring physical properties to managing databases more efficiently.

Oil Exploration and Production: There are myriad applications, but some of the more common problems being processed using multivariate means employ GC, optical spectroscopy or mass spectrometry.
  • In-situ, oil characterization gives us detail on the hydrocarbon composition before the crude even reaches the surface
  • Oil-oil correlations to understand source, maturation and migration pathways
  • Reservoir continuity information tells the engineers if independent reservoirs or zones are in communication
  • Unmixing contributions from different sources
  • Identify the contributions from several zones of production, even in open hole completions
Oil Refining: Challenges abound in a refinery setting where the crude oil slate is often in flux and motor fuel blend components require constant change to keep all in balance. Proactive management of the chemical composition requires a flow of information in near-real-time from the process analyzers as the cost of reworking products is high.
  • Motor fuel property assessment using Raman, FTNIR, or GC to better characterize fuels for sale and reduce giveaway
  • Control of blending by examining the post-blend combination and determining the true mixing ratios
  • Identification of steady state conditions to improve the quality of the sampling program
Infometrix is the leader in chemometric solutions for the refining and chemical manufacturing industry. Through chemometrics, we have tools that assist in reducing operating cost, improving product quality and tightening control to reduce or eliminate product giveaway. The approach has also been used to forecast maintenance of the analyzers on line applied to both spectrometers and chromatographs. Call us if you have a specific application you would like to discuss or need some reference material that pertains to your work.

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